It’s an all-too familiar story. You’re a financial professional who believes dinner seminars are not worth the effort and expense.

When you tried one, you didn’t get the results you expected.

So, you washed your hands of this marketing tactic for good.

What you’ve actually done, is missed out on $100,000 in additional revenue each year since you made that decision.

Do we have your attention now?

Food for thought

What if you were handed an iron-clad guarantee that a dinner seminar (or workshop) will achieve your goals?

Who can promise you a positive outcome without any risk on your part?

LeadingResponse can, via our Seminar Assurance pay-per-reservation program.

You determine the number of RSVPs that will make your dinner seminar profitable.

We take it from there.

How it works

To start, we ask you four simple questions.

Then we use the answers to calculate how many RSVPs you need for your dinner seminar.

It’s that easy.

Using a mix of digital and direct marketing, LeadingResponse finds highly qualified prospects and invites them to the event.

Lots of experience

After promoting 1,000,000 seminars, we’ve made every mistake there is – so you don’t have to!

Drawing on nearly 25 years of historical data, we will select the top performing venues at the best times.

Next, we will craft just the right invitation to fill your events with targeted prospects who need your expertise.

All you need to do is to deliver your presentation to a room full of motivated attendees.

If we don’t secure the RSVPs you’re looking for, we will refund you for the number we fall short.

Streamlined RSVP process

Our RSVP platform gives you real-time access to your dinner seminar responders.

This way, you can reach out to prospects during the registration period and begin the relationship-building process. Plus, it identifies those who wish to reschedule, as well as no-shows.

Successful sales professionals know how critical follow-up is in setting appointments and building a client base.

If you don’t, you’re probably in the wrong line of work.

We make it easy

To help streamline the dinner seminar RSVP process, our platform can be integrated with internal company CRM systems such as Redtail and Salesforce.

And our flexible pricing options make dinner seminar marketing more affordable than ever.

Therefore, if you’re serious about acquiring better leads and landing new clients, Seminar Assurance could be the program for you.

Remember, only LeadingResponse offers a money-back guarantee. *

Contact us today to learn more and get started!

*Terms and conditions apply.