It’s so frustrating. Visitors come to your website but leave without a sale. And without leaving their contact information. Maybe they leave due to a lack of knowledge about your product or service. Or, maybe your leads left to go to your competitor’s site. So, how can you convince these leads to come back and convert them into customers? There are solutions out there that can help you retarget those lost visitors. Let’s dig a little deeper into what they are.

The answer is IP targeting. IP targeting is a marketing solution that helps redirect marketing efforts into remaining past prospects. This reminder via an ad or email will draw leads back to your site and possibly lead them to purchase. Retargeting is the perfect solution to customer acquisition and growth!

What is Website Tracking and Retargeting?

Website tracking is collecting, storing, and analyzing user activity across a webpage. For marketers, it allows you to see where visitors interact on a webpage. Additionally, website tracking aids in knowing how your users are browsing and what pages are doing the best. It benefits both sides of the equation. Marketers and business owners can find out how their web pages are doing. They can monitor and make changes as necessary. Measuring the performance of campaigns, including SEO, is simple. And for the consumer, it helps users remember logins. And it also provides a more personalized experience.

Retargeting is the strategy where ads are shown (on an external site) to customers based on their previous browser history from a company’s website. Have you ever looked at a product online, just to see it on all your other searches? Whether it was Facebook, Instagram, or Google? This is how retargeting works and why it helps the consumer move towards a purchase. It keeps you and your product or service top of mind!

The Difference Between IP Targeting and Retargeting

You may have heard of retargeting and IP targeting, two advertising strategies for website tracking. So, what is retargeting? And what is the difference between the two types?

What is IP Targeting?

IP targeting is a method of digital marketing. It involves targeting consumers using their IP address and using it to deliver targeted ads. An IP address, or internet protocol address, is a unique code. Each IP code is associated with an internet-connected device on a computer network.

IP targeting is a particular form of targeting. It targets the exact audience of the brand through its physical address. As one of the most powerful techniques for targeted marketing, IP targeting can significantly spread the word about your product or service.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a powerful and cost-effective channel that shows ads to leads that have previously visited your website. These leads are already familiar with your brand. The purpose is to remind customers about your brand and get them to come back and buy.

Compared to IP targeting, retargeting has some advantages. Retargeted ads can remind leads about your product and bring them back to your site. Also, retargeting customizes ads based on browsing behavior and interests. However, customers could mistake this personalization for an invasion of privacy and feel annoyed by frequent ads’ appearance.

Why is IP Targeting So Successful?

Compared to other techniques, IP targeting focuses on qualitative traffic over quantitative traffic. Not only that, but it also uses offline data and relies on geographical location. These give two advantages: it helps verify actual people and provides personalized and localized content. The best way to strategically use IP targeting is to incorporate it into a multichannel campaign.

Combining IP Targeting with Direct Mail is a Proven Solution

Want to use IP targeting but don’t know where to start? LeadingResponse has the perfect solution for your business! Our solution, VisitorConnect, uses a proprietary reverse append algorithm to put a name and address to the IP address of qualified prospects. Through IP targeting with VisitorConnect, successfully find, filter, and verify your qualified leads! After putting a name and address to prospects, VisitorConnect sends them a personalized direct mail piece within 48-72 hours of their visit.

Why Does VisitorConnect Work?

VisitorConnect does not only use strategic IP targeting to gather information on leads, but it also sends direct mail. By combining digital and traditional marketing solutions, VisitorConnect successfully secures leads and converts them to customers. Don’t believe us? The statistics are clear – direct mail is a proven method of reaching consumers. The US Data Corporation found that 39% of consumers try a business for the first time because of direct mail.

Is your company looking to grow? When it comes to acquisition, IP targeting is the right choice! By partnering with LeadingResponse, our IP targeting solution, VisitorConnect can guarantee verified prospects and conversion. Learn more