Live Events are Back and Better Than Ever.

Today it is not uncommon to see financial advisors shy away from in-person meetings and live events. Perhaps even abandoning the practice of these services completely. There have been many changes in how the world works since the start of this pandemic. You can see these changes in the ways people eat, shop, and interact at a social level.

What Summer Slump? 3 Summer Seminar Myths To Stop Believing.

If you’re like many financial advisors, you might postpone your summer seminars. There is an ongoing rumor that the attendance and response rates aren’t as good as the rest of the year. However, we believe that to be a myth. There are many reasons that created this belief. In this post, we hope to dispel those. Let’s get started.

Easing Clients’ Investment Fears Following the Pandemic

To get by during the pandemic, some have had to tap into retirement accounts for money to live on. But even before COVID, Americans as a whole were financially unprepared for retirement. Research consistently shows 50% haven’t saved enough to maintain their standard of living during their post-working years.

Responder Data Critical to Online Event Marketing Success

After in-person events and visits to brick and mortar businesses were no longer an option, older Americans began relying on online communications to connect with product and service providers. This opened the door for advisors to employ digital resources to generate leads and acquire new clients.