Legal Services
increase conversions
Lawyers spend significant money trying to bring in new clientele. Losing a single opportunity to bring your firm more clients can feel extremely frustrating. But bringing in new leads is challenging, particularly for small and mid-sized law firms. Many lawyers simply pour more money into their ad spend, hoping that increased volume will produce a...
elder abuse laws
One in 10 older Americans experience abuse each year, according to the Administration for Community Living. Though this is a shockingly high statistic, this issue is getting many people’s attention right now. Last October, President Trump signed the Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act into law. In addition to federal and state elder abuse laws,...
b2b referrals
Referrals often drive the best client acquisitions, especially in the legal industry. But if you aren’t leveraging B2B referrals, you’re missing some key benefits this powerful client acquisition technique has to offer. 
debt reduction services
Now that tax reform’s signed into law by President Trump, how will the new policies affect businesses offering debt reduction services? In short, it may drive more consumers their way. This answer may seem counterintuitive, given that most Americans will enjoy at least a modest (though temporary) tax cut. Even with a little more money...
law firm marketing blog
Most lawyers have compelling information potential clients want — which is why law firm marketing efforts today usually include blog content. And a law firm marketing blog seems like a satisfying and effective lead-generation tool that costs only time to produce. But is it?
organic traffic
If you’ve noticed much less engagement on your Facebook business posts lately, you’re not alone. Between the Explore Feed test launch late last year and general algorithm changes, many businesses saw organic traffic referrals sharply decline. For example, media analytics company noted a 25% decline in Facebook organic traffic referrals from February to October...
workers compensation lawyer
According to Google Trends, “workers compensation lawyer” searches have remained consistently near the highest possible interest level since March 2017. If you’re looking for workers’ comp leads, we rank each U.S. state below from highest to lowest search volume. In addition, you’ll find the highest and lowest-ranking search terms related to “workers compensation lawyer” for...
Mass tort cases
If you missed the record-breaking talc verdict against Johnson & Johnson on August 21, a California jury awarded $417 million. Eva Echeverria, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007, won $70 million in compensatory and $347 in punitive damages. While mass tort cases like Echeverria’s help victims get justice for their injuries, they also...
law firms outsource marketing needs
Until fairly recently, many U.S. law firms used in-house marketing staff to help bring in new clientele. Larger law firms sometimes included a full marketing department, while smaller ones tasked existing employees with sourcing new legal leads.
personal injury lawyer
Every personal injury lawyer works hard to secure justice and compensation for injured clients. They are tasked with seeking justice for plaintiffs who are injured or personally wronged, of course. But many civil litigation attorneys are also responsible for attracting new clientele in an increasingly competitive market.
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