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Need a proven way to connect with prospects most likely to benefit from your services? Americans age 50 and up check their mailboxes often — sometimes daily — and read what’s inside. So, if you’re a financial or estate planning professional, own an elective medical practice, or operate a senior living community, sending an invitation to an informational seminar is the perfect way to engage the best possible prospects.

In 1994, one of LeadingResponse’s founders created a mailer, then sent it to 5,000 people on an advisor’s prospect list. This one mailer generated 200 reservations, forcing that same advisor to hire two new employees just to manage RSVPs and coordinate four seminar events at a local restaurant. Another direct result of this unexpectedly successful marketing enterprise? LeadingResponse launched its direct seminar marketing concept the following year, in 1995.

But today’s direct marketing includes much more than attractively designed invitations mailed directly to prospects’ homes. To ensure each direct mail campaign achieves peak effectiveness for marketing your unique business or service, we also:

  • Pair each direct marketing campaign with social media and digital advertising to maximize your reach and ROI. 
  • Use our proprietary reverse-append algorithm to send personalized direct mail to each unique visitor to your company’s website within 48-72 hours
  • Offer a wide variety of customizable direct mail options to choose from, including postcards, flyers, and event invitations. This ensures you use the right approach to win over each prospect

Nobody else has the same volume of proprietary responder data that we do, or the 25 years of experience we have right at the forefront of the direct marketing industry.

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