Elective Medical Practices Can Thrive by Offering Seminars and Client Payment Options

For nearly 25 years, financial advisors have hosted dinner seminar events to acquire clients.

Now, independent elective medical practices can adopt this successful strategy.

Do you own a regenerative, dental, orthodontic, cosmetic, or similar business?

If so,  elective medical seminars can fill rooms with prospects fitting the profile of your ideal patient.

The original concept

Back in the mid-1990s, our founder approached advisors and insurance agents with a revolutionary idea.

Time and again, he found that people balked at visiting advisors’ offices.

Since that’s the case, he thought, let’s invite them to meet in a neutral setting, like a neighborhood restaurant with a private room.

It would put folks at ease among a group of their peers. And in this comfortable environment, they would be more open to an advisor’s presentation.

Therefore, they would be more likely to schedule a consultation and convert into clients.

Elective medical seminars work

Take a moment to imagine how an elective medical seminar could give your practice a shot in the arm.

The process starts when LeadingResponse creates a personalized invitation to a dinner presentation at an upscale local restaurant.

Once you provide your target audience demographics, we mail eye-catching pieces to the homes of your prospective customers.

When recipients call to reserve their seats for the elective medical seminar, our staff qualifies the leads using the criteria you’ve provided.

(At your request, we can further screen prospects for various ailments.)

All you need to do is show up and tell the audience what you have to offer them.

We give you the option to customize a presentation we’ve developed, or create your own from scratch.

The evolution of seminars

These days, LeadingResponse promotes both direct mail and digital seminar campaigns for our clients.

So why the omni-channel approach?

In a single word, results.

It’s our experience that digital-only marketing leaves out the approximately 40% of potential seminar attendees not using the Internet.

What’s more, direct mail generates higher response and attendance rates than online, social media and newspaper advertising.

Very reliable results

We are so confident in our processes, we guarantee you will be pleased with the results of a single seminar.

If you aren’t, we’ll refund your money or apply it to a future campaign.

LeadingResponse has promoted one million seminars. Over 22 million people have attended them.

You would work closely with John McCloskey, our elective medical consultant, to achieve your lead generation and client acquisition goals.

There’s a good chance your practice could see a lift in revenue from a single elective medical seminar.

Ready to learn more about elective medical practices to boost your company’s bottom line? Call John at 813.885.8270 or email him at john.mccloskey@leadingresponse.com.

Paying for elective procedures

By the way, do you offer your patients financing options?

If not, you could be missing out on a LOT of potential business.

According to PYMTS, a payments industry website, of 50 million Americans who wanted to invest in elective procedures – those that insurance does not cover –  44 percent declined because of the expense. Many simply cannot afford to pay the entire cost up front.

PYMTS further calculated that the value of the market for elective cosmetic procedures would increase by over $18 billion if people who wanted these treatments were offered payment plans.

It’s something to think about.