LeadingResponse, a B2B lead generation firm with 36 years’ experience, develops proprietary marketing programs and algorithms. These efforts help us deliver high-quality, exclusive leads to scale in the professional services vertical. Now, LeadingResponse is opening their services to senior living communities across the country.

As boomers enter retirement in full force, senior living communities face both a major opportunity and a major challenge.

Retiring Boomers Can Benefit From Amenity-Rich Senior Living Communities

The opportunity is in the volume: Only 50% of baby boomers in their 60s are still in the workplace, and only one in three baby boomers ages 67 and 68 are still working, according to Gallup. That generation is on the front end of retirement with a deluge to come over the next decade. The challenge, however, lies in brand awareness. In fact, many sexagenarians are unaware of senior living communities and their amenities. For this reason, they choose to remain in their homes until they can no longer sustain themselves.

To help assisted living and retirement communities reach a broader audience, LeadingResponse has launched a senior living marketing lead generation model that blends online campaigns with offline outreach efforts.

Exclusive Online Lead Generation

LeadingResponse’s online model focuses on exclusive leads, thanks to the technology and algorithms the company has refined in other industries. The model matches visitors to very specific community types based on geography, budget, and other factors. The leads then progress through a call center to verify contact information, needs and budget before they are sent to a community.

Because LeadingResponse markets nationally online, we can create hyper-local targeting for any community. At the same time, we still provide the cost savings of any typical national campaign. Thanks to this exclusive lead-gen model, LeadingResponse’s prospects can convert to move-ins at a 4x higher rate than most competitors.

Local Educational Events

The offline marketing portion brings people to a live educational seminar in a neutral location through direct mail marketing, where representatives from a single community then present the value of their offering and answer questions directly. Custom programs are developed to match each community’s targeting and business needs. LeadingResponse has conducted nearly 500,000 direct marketing campaigns using a proprietary consumer-targeting database. This helps us determine how to best reach your specific audience and generate superior results.

LeadingResponse currently serves independent living, assisted living, memory care, in-home care and continued care retirement communities. Contact us today to inquire about partnership opportunities that yield better residency rates for senior living communities nationwide.