LeadingResponse is excited to announce the release of RSVPmobile, an expansion of its SeminarRSVP® event reservation service and event management platform. RSVPmobile enables companies of all sizes to access their seminar campaigns and manage reservations on any mobile device.

Additionally, RSVPmobile is designed to help clients:

  • increase seminar effectiveness
  • manage event attendance
  • deliver highly engaging experiences
  • gain data-driven insights about every aspect of their seminar events from attendance rates to improving ROI

RSVPmobile Gives Real-Time Access to Seminar Event Information

“We have invested heavily to extend and expand our SeminarRSVP® event management platform,” said LeadingResponse’s CEO, Charles DallAcqua. “With RSVPmobile, we provide our clients with real-time access to seminar event reservations and data on their mobile devices — without having to download or install any software applications,” DallAcqua explained.

“With the combined enhancements of our SeminarRSVP® service and RSVPmobile, we have gained significant momentum and adoption in the marketplace because of their ease of use and ability to manage attendee information online on any device,” said DallAcqua.
LeadingResponse’s ultimate goal is to empower clients with the types of services and technology tools that can help them excel at what they do best: Focus on and engage with seminar attendees while maximizing the types of opportunities that come primarily through face-to-face interaction.

SeminarRSVP® is a critical component of SeminarSuccess®, the company’s flagship customer acquisition solution. SeminarRSVP® includes a number of valuable features designed to help streamline seminar event management, including:

  • 24/7 call center support
  • Agents trained to take inbound seminar reservation calls
  • Real-time posting of all seminar reservations
  • Safe and secure online RSVP portal
  • Mobile check-in
  • Real-time appointment setting
  • Link to listing of prospect’s home value on Zillow
  • Custom RSVP landing page
  • Calendar view to show events as well as appointments
  • Google Map integration
  • View invitations online
  • Ability to take notes on each responder
  • Print name tags for all attendees
  • Print and/or download list of seminar responders
  • Custom RSVP reports
  • API (application programming interface) that supports customers’ ability to integrate responder data directly into the CRM without downloading any files

Get in touch with us today to learn how our Seminar Success® program (including support services and tools like SeminarRSVP® and RSVPmobile) can help streamline seminar events for your business.