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If your regenerative elective medical business needs an efficient way to bring in new clients, now is the time to partner with LeadingResponse. As the nation’s leader in client acquisition, LeadingResponse has 25 years of experience generating ideal prospects interested in large fee-based services. Currently, our online and offline marketing channels deliver to over 100,000 highly motivated and prequalified prospects monthly – that’s more than 19 Million leads-to-date.


Partnership Benefits

We apply proven full-service marketing programs to keep delivering motivated prospects to our clients. Here’s how your business can benefit as well: 

  • Ability to target affluent prospects aged 50+ using custom-branded online/offline efforts
  • Responder survey data about each prospect’s ailments, interest level, level of pain and timeline for treatment
  • Secure, cloud-based platform for hosting your webinar events and virtual workshops
  • Expertly trained call center agents to schedule your 1-on-1 phone or in-person meeting appointments

100,000 Highly Motivated Prospects Reached Monthly

Multi-Channel Approach

Once you partner with LeadingResponse, we’ll provide all the tools and resources you need to attract and secure new regenerative medical therapy patients.

LeadingResponse has marketed for over 1 million seminars nationwide. Our proven marketing formulas provide clear direction on how to drive qualified consumers to in-person events. These events can be scheduled at a variety of venues when applicable.

Direct Mail Solutions

For a more traditional but effective approach, we use direct mailing campaigns paired with social media and digital advertising to maximize your ROI & reach. We offer a wide variety of customizable direct mail options to choose from to reach the right prospect.

Digital Advertising

Let our digital marketing experts put online advertising to work generating new clients for your business. We use social mediums which send interested prospects to our websites where have the opportunity to book an appointment right then and there.


We provide clients access to our effective webinar platform which requires only a web browser – no downloads needed. Its intuitive registration process is easy for consumers to complete. The platform offers a wide variety of engagement tools for your webinar as well.

We Can Help You Market to Prospects Effectively in Today’s World.

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Helpful Resources

Direct Mail

Best Practices

Digital Solutions


Best Practices

When you partner with LeadingResponse you’ll receive guidance that is tailored to your unique business. We use a few simple best practices to ensure you get the most out of our solutions-oriented way of thinking.

Develop Your Ideal Client Profile

Checklist for a Successful Virtual Event

One-on-One Appointments

Phone Appointments


This critical step in the consultation process helps drive the ROI you’ll get from your campaigns. Several factors are used to create your ideal client profile: The treatments you offer, the services you provide, the geographic area you serve – or want to target (Zip codes, counties, cities, etc.), and the demographic make-up of your ideal prospects: Age range, household income, income-producing assets, homeownership, ailments – just to name a few.

Now that we know your ideal client profile, we’ll create a comprehensive analysis of the geographic market area you want to focus on. This report includes:

  • A population density map of your prospects
  • A breakout, by zip code, of the number of prospects in your market
  • Key demographic data about your market and prospects

  • In lieu of a free meal, offer incentives to register and to schedule a consultation. A $5 Starbucks gift card is a cost-effective incentive to motivate prospects to register and attend. Offering a restaurant or grocery store gift card with every scheduled consultation will increase attendee to appointment conversion and can be liquidated in the cost of treatment. LeadingResponse has partners that provide online incentive programs that you control and can be facilitated online.
  • Do a sound and video check 10-15 minutes before the event begins. Don’t wait until the last minute only to find your computer video and audio isn’t synced, you have bandwidth issues. Get on early and do a complete check with a team member.
  • Start on time. Your prospects should see that you are prepared and available when they sign in. Don’t wait more than 3-5 minutes to start otherwise you will see people leaving the meeting.
  • Establish your credibility. Dress well! Wear scrubs or a white coat. Your online appearance will make a big difference in how your potential patients view you. Send every responder a brief video about your practice before the event. Make a live RSVP reminder call to maintain show rates and establish a relationship. Incorporate patient video testimonials into your presentation or interview them live during the presentation
  • Keep your discussion concise and simple. Don’t overload your prospects with information; instead, focus on the outcomes of what regenerative medicine provides and how it pertains to their individual condition. Highlight with key points that you experience in your practice on a regular basis and use their questions about those points to delve deeper into conversations.
  • Send thank you cards after the event. This is a simple way to show your prospects that you appreciate their time.
  • Follow up with each prospect. Contact those who attended and inquire about their short-term and long-term needs. Contact those who reserved a spot but did not attend and invite them to future events.

  • Make courtesy reminder calls. Call your prospects one to two days prior to the appointment to remind them of the upcoming date/time/location and confirm directions. These courtesy calls will help you begin to build relationships with your attendees as well as minimize your attendance drop-off rate.
  • Be personable. Prospects will respond to your charisma and will feel as if they can share with you. Listen. Prospects are more likely to engage with you during a one-on-one appointment, which means you have the opportunity to listen to their needs and build relationships.
  • Offer something of value. A free report upon registration about regenerative medicine will increase response. Offering a restaurant, Home Depot or grocery store gift card is critical to increasing response and attendance. You can disqualify people you don’t feel will accept treatment before you confirm the appointment. Awarding the gift card on the second appointment will help reduce responders more interested in the gift card than maintaining their health.
  • Ask about their primary concerns. Provide practical information on how you can address those concerns.
  • Close on a positive note. Be assertive and confident as you end the appointment while you remind your prospects why your practice is the best to provide regenerative medical therapy.

  • Confirm appointment within 24 hours of registration. The farther from the scheduled appointment, the closer after registration you should make one or more reminder calls. This will reduce no-shows and help build rapport before the actual appointment
  • Send out information on your practice immediately after registration – start building credibility about your practice. Email them a little bit of information about regenerative medical therapy but more about you, your practice, and successful patient outcomes
  • Be personable, friendly, and approachable during the appointment – people want to be treated by physicians that are experts in their field but also approachable. It is one of the most intimate relationships outside of family patients have. Don’t come off as overly clinical, use excessive medical jargon, or talk over their heads. Position your self as the solution to combatting Coronavirus or their pain.
  • Have your Treatment Planning Coordinator on the call – Let them answer the business and money questions. You are there to provide therapy. Make your call a two-step process and turn over the conversion process to them. It makes a big difference!

Digital Solutions

Facebook Advertising

LadingResponse is an official Facebook Partner and uses tracking and various audiences to reach the target audience you need.

Landing Page Creation

Our team of User Experience Designers and Marketers work collaboratively to ensure leads get the high-level information they need prior to speaking with you and your team. Our landing pages are also the main hub to convert clients into booking or contacting you.

Booking an Appointment

Here’s what the booking process looks like from a user’s perspective. Our technology team can seamlessly connect the booking form to your calendar so it makes it very easy to connect leads directly to you.


Take a look at our online calendar that allows prospects to select a day/time which is synced directly to your calendar.

On-demand Webinars

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