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Virtual Solutions

Secure 24/7 Appointments With Qualified Prospects Via WebinarConnect

Connect with senior living prospects anywhere, anytime using LeadingResponse’s powerful client acquisition tool, WebinarConnect. This turnkey virtual events solution lets you instantly connect with prospects using only your web browser and Wi-Fi connection. With nothing to download or install, our intuitive, easy-to-use webinars consistently drive higher attendee rates than industry standards.


WebinarConnect gives you the same great level of interaction online you’d expect hosting traditional, in-person seminar events. In addition, partnering with LeadingResponse lets you tap into our proprietary database of more than 22 million current and pre-retirees. You’ll also get access to real-time webinar performance, audience tracking, and engagement metrics. Simply choose the time and date you prefer, and we’ll bring the audience to you.

Real-time Engagement

You can use polls, Q&A sessions, custom promos, and CTA modules to engage attendees.

Multi-Channel Marketing

We’ll use your branding on marketing mediums to maximize your webinar registrations.

Gain Appointments 24/7

Record an evergreen webinar once, then let prospects view it anytime – driving your appointments 24/7.

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Our hyper-targeted digital marketing campaigns ensure every webinar attendee looks like your ideal client. It’s just one of many reasons why LeadingResponse has 3,300 satisfied customers nationwide.