Our two-day Marketing Summit is a crash course in using social seminars and workshops to grow your client base.

When advisors and insurance agents apply our proven methods, they get better leads.

And higher-quality leads are, of course, more likely to convert.

To date, LeadingResponse has promoted one million seminars.

Therefore, you will gain valuable insights at our Marketing Summit Sept.19-20 in Tampa.

Over the course of the summit, our team will cover a lot of ground. They’ll show you direct mail marketing processes and digital strategies to help maximize your reach and obtain exclusive leads – plus much, much more.

Learn from the very best

LeadingResponse Marketing Summit Presenter Jorge Villar

Social Dinner Seminar Pioneer Jorge Villar

You will not find this level of talent anywhere else.

To begin, we’re assembling a panel with decades of experience between them.

Panelists include John Ripley with SmarterRetirementSolutions; and the legendary Jorge Villar.

As you may know, Jorge is the founder of RME360 and the original social seminar marketer.

Jorge will take you behind the scenes of the direct marketing process, from production steps, technology, lists and demographics, and invitation design. And he will draw upon his nearly 25 years in the business to separate seminar myths from seminar realities.

You will learn when to do an event with food or without food; and the best types of restaurants to use when providing meals for attendees.

Both days, Jorge will share share stories from his career that we are certain will motivate, inspire and entertain you.

Our consultants will share:

  • Case studies of advisors who boosted revenue using our solutions
  • Insights from top-producing advisors currently working with us
  • How direct mail and digital lead acquisition complement each other
  • Applying industry best practices to prospecting and seminar marketing

Worth the investment

Reserve your seat now to lock in the early bird rate of $499 (not including travel and accommodations).

Are you reluctant to host seminars because of the cost? Don’t be!

After the summit, if you sign up for LeadingResponse marketing services and are not completely satisfied with the results, we will refund 100% of your investment.

(FYI, LeadingResponse offers monthly payment plans.)

If growing your business is a priority, you will depart our Marketing Summit with all the tools you need to do just that.

Sign up today by contacting your Marketing Consultant, or call us toll-free at 1 (800) 795-2773.