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The only Multi-channel Medicare Marketing Solution That's Easy To Use and Has a Money-back Guarantee

You just pick the number of RSVPs you need, and we’ll take care of the rest, leaving you plenty of time to focus on delivering your presentation, getting appointments, and winning more clients. You won’t have to worry about the nuances of promoting your events; we’ll use an ideal mix of direct and digital marketing to fill them with qualified prospects. If we fall short, we will refund you for those RSVPs.

A refined way to supercharge your results


By specifically targeting your ideal prospects and consistently analyzing the response to thousands of monthly marketing campaigns, we deliver a sophisticated marketing strategy and consistent results while keeping it easy for you.

Inspiration to drive action


Inspiration to drive action
Incorporate real-time information from more than 1,000 monthly marketing campaigns and 4.5 million targeted households each month. Relevant content and optimized creative when paired with the right location, target audience and the rest of the Seminar Best Practices means consistent marketing results for your business.

Marketing support that delivers


Successful marketing strategies begin with a plan. What better way to start than working with a knowledgeable marketing consultant who has access to proprietary information and millions of response records? Once your plan is set, let our team of professionals act as an extension of your office and take you to the finish line.


Get Guaranteed Seminar Results With Seminar Assurance

LeadingResponse, the leading customer acquisition provider, is a partner you can rely on. We have several multi-channel solutions for agents and advisors that you can start TODAY. Whether you are interested in webinars, lead generation, virtual one-on-one meetings, live events or direct appointment setting, we have a solution to meet your needs and budget.


Direct Mail

Medicare Campaigns

Give us Your Webinar Dates and Times. We’ll Take Care of the Rest!
• Targeted audience development including -age specific, income and marital status.
• Customizable landing pages include video inserts, images, logos, bio information and more.
• Use of our webinar platform is INCLUDED with this program.
• Easy to use for both the agent and the attendee.
• Webinar platform offers multiple call-to-actions (CTAs)- pop ups, polls, quizzes and incentives.
• Supported by Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and mobile devices.
• ProspectConnect inbound RSVP service for webinar registrations with personal portal access.
• Minimum amount $3000 for digital campaign spend.

Easy to Use Solutions for Live Events, Appointments, Webinars and More
• Bi fold self-mailer or 6 x 11 postcard invitations start at $.56 each (minimum order is 2500 quantity).
5000 postcard minimum is suggested if doing 2 webinar dates for best results.
• Social Media Boosts are available to add more exposure and response to any direct mail program. They include
targeted audiences and a customizable landing page.
• All Inclusive pricing – no upcharges for ProspectConnect RSVP services, or income producing asset data.
Pricing includes print, production, a targeted mailing list, and standard rate postage.

Market Turning 65, Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Enrollment
•Live webinars or pre-recorded presentations that are 30-45 minutes long.
•Custom landing pages with your company/agent bio information for prospects to make a reservation.
•Phone consultations- offer your direct phone number to the contact.
•Virtual meetings- schedule a personal virtual meeting to share your presentation and services.
•Include options to schedule an one-on-one appointment in the comfort of their home or your office through ourProspectConnect Service.
•Flexibility – give the responders options that are easy for them from the comfort of their own home – 3 Easyoptions to discuss Medicare basics with you.

Impress Your Prospects

Beautiful Event Communication

Direct Mail Solutions
Sample Invitations

Specific Ailment-Related


Get Started Today — Contact Us Today About Your Event

Best Practices for Your Events

One of key the things that separates LeadingResponse from all other, so-called, seminar-marketing companies is the consultation service we provide every financial advisor. You’ll receive guidance that is tailored to your unique business and that is founded on factual information from more than 600,000 seminar events.


Several factors are used to create your ideal client profile: The products you offer, the services you provide, the geographic area you serve – or want to target (Zip codes, counties, cities, etc.), and the demographic make-up of your ideal prospects: Age range, household income, income producing assets, home ownership – just to name a few.


Now that we know your ideal client profile, we’ll create a comprehensive analysis of the geographic market area you want to focus on. This report includes:

+ A population density map of your prospects
+ A breakout, by zip code, of the number of prospects in your market
+ Key demographic data about your market and prospects
+ A list of best-performing seminar venues by accessing a proprietary database of more than 10,000 locations across the US, all of which have been previously used for hosting events.
+ A strategic marketing plan based on your prospecting and sales goals


Your venue is a critical component of the success of your events. It needs to be convenient to get to, have a private function room and positioned to attract the type of prospects you wish to become clients. (Millionaires like Ruth’s Chris much more than Red Lobster!) Your starting times are also important. If targeting ages 60+, 4:30 is a good start time so hold at least 1 event at that time. For ages 50+, 6:30 is ideal. It is difficult to attract a prospect in their 50’s who most likely will be working at 4:30 to attend your event. Your LeadingResponse consultant can help you with restaurant selection and logistics of setting up your events.

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Checklist for a Successful Event


Arrive on time. Your prospects should see that you are prepared and available when they walk through the door. Be well-groomed. Your attire and attention to detail will support the image that you care about your prospects and their needs and that you are an expert in your industry.

Establish your credibility. In addition to your attire, your behavior before, during and after your event will show your prospects that you are a consummate professional and deserve to be trusted.

Make your prospects comfortable. Your location choice should have ample seating, access for prospects who may be disabled and should be clean and well-maintained.

Keep your discussion concise and simple. Don’t overload your prospects with information; instead, provide them with key points and use their questions about those points to delve deeper into conversations.

Send thank you cards. This is a simple way to show your prospects that you appreciate their time.


Remember the little things; they matter. Do you have a seating arrangement that will allow latecomers to take their seat without making them uncomfortable? Did you plan for breaks in your presentation? Are there meal options for prospects with a variety of dietary needs?

Make sure your presentation materials and equipment are in place and working. This speaks to your credibility and your ability to manage.

Have staff available to assist you. While some tasks can be delegated, others should not. Getting water or refreshments for prospects is something staff can manage, but welcoming prospects and introducing them to each other before the seminar begins is something you should manage.

Ask prospects to evaluate your presentation. Use simple evaluation forms in the information packets you hand out and leave time at the end of the seminar for prospects to fill them out. You’ll need the information they leave to follow up with them.
Follow up with each prospect. Contact those who attended and inquire about their short-term and long-term needs. Contact those who reserved a spot but did not show and invite them to future events.


Make courtesy reminder calls. Call your prospects one to two days prior to the appointment to remind them of the upcoming date / time / location and confirm directions. These courtesy calls will help you begin to build relationships with your attendees as well as minimize your attendance drop-off rate.

Be personable. Prospects will respond to your charisma and will feel as if they can share with you. Listen. Prospects are more likely to engage with you during a one-on-one appointment, which means you have the opportunity to listen to their needs and build relationships.

Offer something of value. This could be anything from a report on a final arrangements planning concern the prospect has, a book or newsletter you have written or a gift card.

Ask about their primary concerns. Provide practical information on how you can address those concerns.

Close on a positive note. Be assertive and confident as you end the appointment while you remind your prospects why your services and products are the best to manage their final arrangements concerns.

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