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It's the Details That Count

Tips From the Leaders in Event Marketing


Dot All Your I's and Cross All Your T's

Remember the little things; they matter.

Do you have a seating arrangement that will allow latecomers to take their seat without making them uncomfortable? Did you plan for breaks in your presentation? Are there meal options for prospects with a variety of dietary needs?

Make sure your presentation materials and equipment are in place and working.

This speaks to your credibility and your ability to manage.

Have staff available to assist you.

While some tasks can be delegated, others should not. Getting water or refreshments for prospects is something staff can manage. However, you should be welcoming guests and introducing them to each other before the seminar begins.

Ask prospects to evaluate your presentation.

Use simple evaluation forms in the information packets you provide and leave time at the end of the seminar for prospects to fill them out. You’ll need the information to follow up with them.

Follow up with each prospect.

Contact those who attended and inquire about their short-term and long-term needs; and those who reserved a spot but did not show. This way, you can invite them to future events.

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