digital seminar marketing
social seminar marketing
Nearly 25 years, 1,000,000 direct marketing campaigns and 22 million prospects later, my early belief that consumers prefer meeting face-to-face when it comes to making important life decisions, like planning for retirement, still holds up. The reason people respond to direct mail remains the same. In fact, we’ve validated it over and over again with...
Middle-income seniors need housing
As long as I’ve been in this industry, I was startled to learn that nearly seven out of 10 people age 65 and up are NOT working with a financial planner. This statistic shows up in the Invest in You Savings Survey released six months ago by CNBC and Acorns, a financial wellness platform. It...
Dinner seminar as business driver
It’s an all-too familiar story. You’re a financial professional who believes dinner seminars are not worth the effort and expense. When you tried one, you didn’t get the results you expected. So, you washed your hands of this marketing tactic for good. What you’ve actually done, is missed out on $100,000 in additional revenue each...
Baby Boomer surfing the internet
Financial advisers and insurance agents are increasingly turning to the internet to boost their business. Specifically, they are jumping on the online seminar marketing bandwagon. There are a couple of likely reasons for this: Just about everyone their age is now online. It’s also a low-cost way to generate leads and acquire clients. Booming on...

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