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Our success metrics speak for themselves — LeadingResponse sells roughly 100,000 Mass Tort leads each year, with all leads generated in-house. This was a tough year for most, but our expert digital team drives volume quickly and effectively, allowing us the opportunity to work with top firms in the industry. We offer customized criteria and co-counsel opportunities. Put our industry experience to work for you.

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100% of our mass tort leads are generated in-house.

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Each year, we sell roughly 100,000 exclusive legal leads to top firms nationwide.

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Bayer created a trust fund of $11 billion in June 2020 for Roundup cancer victims. Since purchasing Monsanto in 2018, Bayer has paid over $100 million to settle several high-profile Roundup cases. Those who develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma and other cancers after using the popular weed killer may be entitled to financial compensation.

3M Earplugs
Defense contractor 3M paid $9.1 million in July 2018 to settle claims they knowingly sold faulty earplugs to the U.S. military. 3M’s dual-ended Combat Arms earplugs were standard-issue hearing protection for all service members from 2003-2015. Permanent or partial hearing loss is among the most common injuries reported by veterans, including tinnitus.
Victims filed more than 150 Truvada lawsuits against Gilead, the drug’s manufacturer after they developed life-threatening bone and kidney damage. Plaintiffs allege Gilead intentionally withheld a safer version of the medication to increase profits while suppressing study results on the drug’s side effects, putting their health at unnecessary risk.
In April 2020, the FDA ordered all OTC and prescription drugs containing Zantac’s active ingredient, ranitidine, removed from the market immediately after finding high levels of NDMA, a known carcinogen, in the popular heartburn remedy. Victims who developed stomach, kidney, liver, small intestine, bladder, or colorectal cancer after taking Zantac may be entitled to a cash settlement.
Camp Lejeune
Congress approved legislation on 8/3/22 that will clear the way for veterans and their families seeking compensation. This new federal law, known as the Camp Lejeune Act of 2022, allows victims of water contamination on the base to seek legal compensation. From 1953 to 1987, the water on the base was heavily contaminated with volatile organic compounds, carcinogenic chemicals, trichloroethylene, and tetrachloroethylene. Hundreds of thousands of people who lived, worked, and served on the U.S. Marine base at Camp Lejeune drank and bathed in this water. Many cancers, injuries, and congenital disabilities have been scientifically linked to these harmful chemicals.
A $30 billion trust fund has been set up for victims of asbestos exposure. Those who develop mesothelioma, a fatal lung cancer, may be entitled to receive compensation for medical expenses as well as pain and suffering from the responsible manufacturers.
Firefighting Foam
From 1970-2018, federal law required firefighters at airports and military bases to use firefighting foams containing chemicals linked to a variety of cancers, kidney problems, and infertility. Civilian and military firefighters that develop these conditions within six months of exposure may now be entitled to financial compensation for their injuries.
Recent scientific studies show Elmiron, the only FDA-approved drug to treat interstitial cystitis, can cause permanent eye damage. About one in every four patients may develop serious vision problems from long-term use, including irreversible blindness. Those that take the bladder-pain drug for one year or longer may be entitled to compensation for their injuries.
Natural Disasters
Most people with hurricane-related property damage must pay repairs out of their own pockets, even with insurance. Unless the property damage costs more than their hurricane deductible (typically 2%-5% of the insured value), insurers aren’t required to pay anything. Flooding and wind also cause extensive property damage during natural disasters and have similar deductible requirements. For this reason, even property owners eligible for FEMA funding need legal intervention to recover 100% of their losses.

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