If you’re like many financial advisors, you might postpone your summer seminars. There is an ongoing rumor that the attendance and response rates aren’t as good as the rest of the year. However, we believe that to be a myth. There are many reasons that created this belief. In this post, we hope to dispel those. Let’s get started.

Myth Number One: The Summer Event Slump

The famous summer slump. The three months of the year when everyone is in a more relaxed mode, kids are out of school, and businesses tend to take a hit. You don’t have to search far to see articles and blogs recommending companies focus on other things during the summer months.

However, our experience shows delaying events is not necessary – and may even result in a loss of income for your business. In over 25 years of seminar marketing, our team has found no differences in event attendance during the summer months. In addition, statistics show that attendance rates are rising. Our in-person event attendance has increased 59% for the first half of the year.

Now is not the time to put a hold on your marketing efforts. Need more proof? Keep reading.

Myth Number Two: People are Disengaged and on Vacation

The summer is indeed the time when most families travel. But that doesn’t mean your potential consumers are necessarily disengaged. With the increase in work from home and work from the phone, most employees are never truly “off.” But when people are traveling, it’s more imperative than ever to use various solutions to target them.

Multichannel marketing can help you reach more prospects – wherever they are. And while a vacationing family might not be able to make it to an in-person event, they could be available for a webinar. If you aren’t offering both, you’re missing out on potential income.

Need more proof? According to ClickZ, Marketing Technology Transformation, multichannel campaigns experience a 250% higher purchase frequency rate than their single-channel competition. Plus, consumer retention rates are 90% higher when omnichannel campaigns are used.

Myth Number Three: Summer Seminars Didn’t Work Before, So They Won’t Now.

Have you had difficulty in the past with summer seminars? Or have you heard from your competition that they weren’t as successful as they’d hoped? Times have changed, and consumers are looking for different things. Don’t compare the past with today.

The pandemic has changed the entire financial market. After a year of economic turmoil, many people of all ages are concerned about their finances. Google reports a spike in financial service searching since the beginning of the year. And that trend isn’t going to change any time soon as families and retirees try to ensure their financial security. Another reason COVID has increased your prospects for summer? With COVID finally under control and many people vaccinated, individuals are increasingly out and about. So why not invite them to a summer seminar and earn their business?

The Bottom Line: Now is the Time to Take Advantage of Summer Seminars

Your competition might be taking summer vacation, so now is the best time for you to take advantage and schedule hybrid campaigns for the summer. And don’t forget that webinars can bolster summer seminars to reach more people in more places.

If you want information about the summer seminar successes our team has generated or schedule your campaigns, reach out to our expert marketing consultants at (888) 907-3971 or sign up for a consultation. Now is the time to promote your financial business with summer seminars while your competition is waiting out the season!