Breakthrough Results

Today’s marketing is more complicated than ever and it’s not easy for busy professionals to find the right marketing mix to get breakthrough results and grow their business. Join our team of marketing experts on our Breakthrough Results business podcast to discuss marketing opportunities and solutions that you might not have considered. If you are ready to challenge yourself and achieve results, this show is for you.


Featured Episode

Unveiling Seminar Success

Unlock the secrets to seminar success with Lisa Hlava, National Marketing Consultant at LeadingResponse, and Serena Burgyn, Regional Vice President at Pinnacle Financial Services. In this episode, learn how to take your seminars to the next level with seminar secrets, appointment setting strategies, tips on overcoming seminar obstacles, and more from experts in the field.

Episode 103    |    17min

Featured Episode

Medicare Marketing Strategy for 2024 & What’s New for Upcoming MedicareCon

Unlock the secrets to skyrocketing success in 2024 with Justin Brock, CEO of Bobby Brock Insurance, and Jenn Nicholson, a seasoned National Marketing Consultant at LeadingResponse. In this power-packed episode, these industry leaders dissect the latest multichannel marketing strategies poised to deliver breakthrough results in 2024.

Episode 102    |    26min

Featured Episode

Learn How to Grow Your Medicare Agency

LeadingResponse Medicare marketers meet with Justin Brock, CEO of Bobby Brock Insurance, to discuss strategies and solutions you can implement immediately that will take your Medicare business to the next level.

Episode 101    |    42min

Featured Episode

How Medicare Seminars Grew Just Us Retirement Solutions to New Heights

Veteran seminar marketer Jen DeBuhr connects with Medicare agent Tabitha Justice to discuss the remarkable successes and occasional scares that occur with Medicare seminars.

Episode 100    |    35min