Turnkey Financial Education Offerings

Empowering financial professionals to be positioned as local thought leaders and engage with consumers in a sales-free, educational environment.

Providing a teaching experience that works for you

LeadingResponse offers two unique programs to help advisors educate consumers in their respective markets. While both programs deliver best-in-class content and strong client acquisition results, each approach delivers its own unique benefit. This allows you to choose the educational platform that best aligns with your ideal client profile, business goals, and marketing priorities.

If you are looking for an easy to use, turnkey system to help build trust with classrooms of motivated prospects and take your business to the next level – this is the avenue for you.

A brief overview of each program:

Non-Profit Affiliate

  • Partnering with the American Financial Education Alliance (AFEA), LeadingResponse offers financial advisors the ability to offer a variety of curated presentation content via webinars or live workshops, typically held at a local library, college, or community center.
  • Program details include:
    • Library of 30-90 minute workshop topics and supporting content
    • Hands-on support with venues, marketing, strategy, and more
    • Cost-effective non-profit marketing discounts
    • Promoted under the AFEA brand, leveraging the non-profit affiliation


  • Turn-key 2-day financial education course, typically held at local university, community college, or other learning institution. This 6-hour class covers modern day foundations of successful retirement planning, e.g. risks to avoid, wealth distribution, investments, Social Security, healthcare costs, Social Security & retirement income, taxes and estate planning.
  • Program details include:
    • Course curriculum including 224 slides of scripted presentation materials
    • Training videos on course instruction and best practices
    • Attendee workbooks, study guides, quizzes, and more
    • Promoted directly under advisor’s brand

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