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Spending too many evenings and weekends sacrificing your personal life in order to secure prospective clients? There’s a better way to grow your financial services clientele: Partner with LeadingResponse. We understand that face-to-face interactions are often the best way to instill trust and educate potential clients. But there’s more than one way to effectively build lasting connections with people who need advice from an experienced financial advisor or planner.


Use Turnkey Educational Workshops That Simplify Your Seminar Event Process

Partnering with us instantly gives you access to an array of turnkey educational workshops that you can customize to fit your best prospects’ needs. Here’s how we simplify and automate the process to making hosting an event as easy as possible for you:

Plan seminar events with food or without that attract high-quality prospects. Sick of spending money on dinners that don’t deliver results? We can customize each event to fit your budget, venue and scheduling requirements.

Use our innovative, FINRA-compliant software to educate event attendees. Want to illustrate real opportunities and potential challenges that may affect each prospect’s future income? Our innovative software makes that much easier. It’s an effective way to help attendees visualize the effects of various tax strategies and retirement-planning scenarios.

Track event RSVPs 24/7, automate reminders and conduct post-event marketing surveys via our secure online portal, ProspectConnect. You can start building relationships with event attendees from the moment the register, automate email or SMS-based event reminders and push venue or time changes to people as they RSVP in real time.

Each turnkey educational workshop package includes fully scripted presentations, event invitations and attendee handouts that are market-tested and proven effective. There’s no need for an overhead projector, PowerPoint or your laptop – we’ll provide you with everything you need. That way, you can focus on delivering a compelling presentation and connecting with your audience.

Some turnkey educational workshops we’ve created to help financial services professionals attract high-quality potential clients include:

  • Tax-Savvy Retirement Planning
  • Maximizing Social Security
  • Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Program
  • What Women Need To Know About Social Security

When you’re ready to grow with a partner who’s equally invested in your success, let’s talk.

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“So far, my return on investment (mailers and dinners combined) has been 450% with a potential to far exceed that. It is quite possible that I break over $200k in total commission from that 1st campaign alone. UNREAL!!!!!!! Why did I wait so long? My 2nd mailing will be going out within a few days.”

George K.Orlando, FL

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