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We have worked with thousands of clients, like you, and we believe strongly that we serve as an extension to their business. We view our client engagements as a partnership. This partnership is a two-way street where ideas and information flow openly and regularly, powered by mutual trust and respect. Every day, we devote ourselves to our clients, delivering fantastic lead generation results and building lasting relationships.

My name is Bryan Mancheno. I own an insurance brokerage based in NJ, Better Insurance Management LLC. Our marketing success has allowed our business to flourish and grow leaps and bounds over the course of the year and continuing on. A large part is due to the work and dedication of Jennifer Nicholson at LeadingResponse. Her service and program have made our events a huge success. Average event size went from 10 attendees to now 30. Appointments booked per event are 18. This partnership has allowed our overall business to grow over 33% over the last year. “Strive for perfection, settle for excellence”, is my company motto and in working with Jenn’s marketing team we have accomplished just that.. She accomplishes excellence!

– Better Insurance Management LLC.

I’ve been working with Jennifer Ward for several years and to say the least, it’s been a fantastic experience! Jennifer is professional, knowledgeable and has a comprehensive understanding in today’s world of marketing and advertising for financial advisors across the nation. She will work hand in hand with you from start to finish of each campaign and guide you in each step that is taken. Whether it’s a tailored event designed for you or for your entire firm, Jennifer is the one person you can rely on. Our firm and advisors have entrusted Leading Response, specifically Jennifer, with all of our seminars and webinars, and we have never been let down. Our business has relied on the outstanding efforts of her work and dedication to helping us succeed. She has superb communication skills, an enthusiastic personality and has the skillset of a savant. She has the perfect combination of expertise to help grow your business.

– Client Experience Director

Our response rate and revenues have been far superior since we moved to LeadingResponse in 2021. How much better? Our January mailer completely filled our venue with quality prospective clients. We filled three dates easily. This resulted in $142,365 of revenue for Hainsworth Wealth Advisory. Our March mailer had similar results. Three events filled quickly. We have not closed this business yet, but first appointment preliminary reviews show the potential of over $100,000 of revenue to Hainsworth Wealth Advisory. Quentin is simply “on it” Use them!”

– Michael H., Ocala, FL

LeadingResponse, and more specifically Lisa Hlava, has been nothing short of wonderful. What I love about it, especially with the frequency of the events, is that LeadingResponse takes care of everything from creating the lists, to making sure compliance approves the material, and watching out for us before the information is sent out, to an online dashboard that shows who will be attending and their contact information for the responders and lists of people that are coming”

– Financial Advisor

LeadingResponse takes care of everything we don’t have time to do and they fill the room with motivated prospects. Lisa Hlava is my contact and has personally followed up with me via multiple phone calls and emails, making sure everything is correct and she has been great. We don’t plan on stopping these events and quite frankly, wouldn’t be as efficient without their help.”

– Financial Advisor

“LeadingResponse has been marketing our dinner talks for over a year. Since we’ve been working with them, we’ve noticed not only an increase in the number of attendees, but also the quality.

We suggest you give John McCloskey and his team at LeadingResponse a call today.”

– Regenerative Medical Client

I have had the best experience using LeadingResponse. Lisa Hlava is an outstanding person and has helped me grow my Medicare business tremendously.

– Sonny G. – Google Review

With LeadingResponse, I now have a growing practice with a predictable marketing plan and a proven system that as long as I follow it I am confident more success is inevitable.

– Financial Advisor, Texas

“Wow! We got a 52% appointment conversion from webinar attendees that brought our business over $2.1M in new assets.”

– Financial Advisor, Alabama

“Our webinar successfully converted two new clients and over $500,000 in new assets. Thank you!”

– Financial Advisor, Wisconsin

“We had 28 prospects show, with 11 appointments scheduled within 24 hours. This was a success, and I’d like to get another one set up asap. Thank you for delivering quality results!”

Healthcare Client

“The webinar resulted in successfully scheduling 20 one-on-one appointments for estate plan review!”

– Estate Planning Attorney, Minnesota

It’s hard to trust most lead generation companies on the web. Most leads are recycled and old leads. LeadingResponse has by far been the most consistent lead generation company I have ever used.

– Injury Attorney

“Thank you again for the flexibility on this one! We have been super impressed with LeadingResponse 😊”

Troyer Retirement

I have tested and used several variations of leads from LeadingResponse over the years. We have seen our firm go from 1 attorney to 12 attorneys because these leads gave us the foundation to start a solid statewide firm in multiple states.

– Personal Injury Attorney

LeadingResponse allowed us to get a client base that was financially qualified, age-appropriate, and more importantly, showed us how far off we were with who we should have been targeting.

– SVP of Sales & Marketing, Denver

Initially, I chose LeadingResponse because of the customer service of having an individual rep always available right down the street. I stayed because of the success.

– Attorney Client

“We started using LeadingResponse a few months ago and noticed right away the difference in quality attendees. They’re more receptive to what we had to share and interested to learn more. We’ll continue to use LeadingResponse.”

– Regenerative Medical Client

I had another great pair of events this week – packed houses both nights with 33 meetings to enroll as a result!

We received 78 RSVPs for 80 slots. Considering how most come from the same household, this is an outstanding ratio! Thanks again for all of your help.

– Adam S., Medicare Agent

I wanted to tell you how my seminar went on Tuesday. It went really well. I had 14 attendees for the lunch session, and 12 for the dinner session. Since we mailed out 2500 cards, that is a 1% attendance rate. This is especially good given that we had the snowstorm happen just when the cards hit the mailboxes a couple of weeks ago. Overall, I am pleased with this, and I appreciate your great support!”

– Brad W., Medicare Client

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