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Use Dinner Seminars To Attract Large Fee-For-Service Clients

Did you know that dinner seminars are a great way to attract large fee-for-service patients to your elective medical practice? In fact, we’re certain that your competitors are using them to capture a larger share of this booming market. If you’re ready to meet or exceed your patient acquisition goals (like our current clients do), then it’s time for you to partner with LeadingResponse.

Our targeted, customized and personalized direct and digital marketing approach combines every effective way to attract prospective patients to your elective medical business, including:

• Facebook ads
• Display and banner ads
• Attractive mailers sent directly to their homes

But don’t take our word for it — our numbers tell you everything you need to know about whether or not these campaigns will work equally well for growing your business:

• 25 years of experience
• Over one million seminars successfully marketed since 1995
• More than 22 million attendees

What’s more, our net seminar event attendance typically exceeds 90% for each campaign. We’ll give you all the tools you need to succeed so you can focus on speaking directly to your target audience. Want to automate as much of the seminar event prep work as possible so you can spend more time connecting with patients and running your business? Take advantage of our turnkey solutions, which handle all the following tasks for you:

Direct-to-Chair Program – Generates appointments with pre-qualified prospects who come directly to your office. Every prospect who qualifies receives a restaurant gift card in exchange for agreeing to a treatment plan.

Turnkey educational workshops – Access our online RSVP event portal to track registrants and send reminders in real time. From venuing to presentations, invites to on-site handouts, we’ll handle all the administrative tasks for you so you can focus on effectively selling your services to a highly engaged and motivated audience.

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