Small firms and solo attorneys face many challenges in today’s legal market — especially when it comes to acquiring new clients. According to the 2017 Thomson Reuters small law firms survey, 70% said they spend too much time on administrative tasks. Despite this, 81% of respondents also said they won’t do anything to address the problem. This is unfortunate, because time-consuming administrative tasks are cutting into time spent with clients and limiting your firm’s revenue growth.

Time-Consuming Administrative Tasks You Can Automate or Outsource Today

1. Track your time, set appointments, communicate with clients and store signed documents all in one place.

Imagine having one tool that lets you text or email clients, get contracts signed, ship documents, track phone calls and schedule appointments. Our Lead Management System (LMS) can handle all these tasks for you, automating up to 50% of the intake process. Every company that partners with LeadingResponse gets unlimited licenses to this secure, web-based software for free. That means there’s nothing to download or install, ever.

The LMS comes packed with useful freebies, such as customizable email templates for drip marketing campaigns. This built-in feature helps you keep leads warm and on your radar until they’re finally ready to convert. Once those leads become signed cases, you can transfer them directly into your firm’s preferred CMS. And it’s fully compatible with Prevail as well as Crocodile!

2. Get superior quality prospects delivered in real time directly to your firm.

Acquiring new clientele is a “moderate challenge” for 75% of the 2017 Thomson Reuters survey respondents. A premier lead generation company like LeadingResponse can keep your pipeline full and help you grow more revenue.

3. Outsource initial inquiries and lead intake calls to highly trained, U.S.-based call center agents.

Our call center is available to work for you 365 days a year, 24/7 to contact your leads. We understand that converting prospects into clients is a time-consuming task, and some practices lack dedicated lead intake staff.

Our call center agents can answer most people’s questions, gather information, get documents signed and even perform live transfers.

4. Billing, invoicing and accounting tasks.

This one’s especially challenging for solo practitioners, but Bill4Time is a great, cheap and compliant resource for automating financial tasks. It provides time tracking, online invoicing and payment options and makes accounting tasks easy to manage during tax season. Bill4Time also offers an easy way to check for conflicts of interest that might potentially affect billing balances.

This affordable tool uses 256-bit data encryption and local data backups to keep your firm’s financial information safe and secure. Best of all, you can install the mobile app to keep billing tasks updated while you’re on-the-go.

Maintain Monthly Lead Volume Without Sacrificing Quality

We believe lawyers should spend time working cases, not screening unqualified leads generated via TV and radio. LeadingResponse screens each prospect to meet your firm’s exact standards before real-time delivery. No matter what practice area your firm specializes in, we deliver superior leads generated in your target location.

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