Imagine all the prospective residents and their families who come to your website researching their options in finding a senior living community. They gather information and then exit to visit other senior living sites, without leaving their contact information. Now what?

You didn’t have a chance to ask them if they had any questions or needed any additional assistance. Not to mention the golden opportunity to tell them about all the wonderful benefits of your community. And why it would have been perfect for them. They’ve left your site, but they’re not gone forever.

With IP retargeting technology, you have the ability to engage and never miss another qualified prospect. Two innovative, strategic methods using retargeting are IP Retargeting and VisitorConnect. But VisitorConnect is different. Keep reading, and we’ll fill you in. 

How Does IP Retargeting Work?

IP Retargeting allows you to follow unknown visitors who have visited your website. Their IP address, assigned by their internet service provider, is trackable. This means it can be used to create unique and relevant experiences for consumers based on location. Instead of general advertising, which may or may not reach the desired user, targeting specific IP addresses speaks to an audience that has already visited your site. Therefore, they already have interest and might visit again. And hopefully, convert into a consumer or resident. 

VisitorConnect Is Different From IP Retargeting

VisitorConnect is a turnkey product that not only gathers the data from every unique visitor who comes into your website – but also acts on it. That means we don’t stop where IP retargeting does.

How does it work? Our direct mail retargeting uses a proprietary “reverse append” algorithm to put a name and address to the IP address of qualified prospects in your market that visit your company website. Depending on the client, one can apply additional features for a more highly detailed profile about each web prospect. Our solution does not use cookies to capture the data.

What does that mean? Basically, we track your website visitors and connect them with a name and address. We qualify them based on your specifics and send them a personalized piece of direct mail within 48-72 hours of them visiting your site. Imagine visiting a website looking for a senior living community, and not being sure about the decision yet. Then a few days later, a personalized invitation comes in the mail, addressed to you, from the very same community. This personal touch is proven to encourage follow-up calls and inquiries. 

How Effective is IP Retargeting?

IP Retargeting focuses on qualitative traffic over quantitative traffic. For most websites, only 2 percent of web traffic converts on the first visit. Retargeting is a tool designed to help companies reach the 98 percent of users who don’t convert right away, making it one of the most valuable strategies that exist.

70% of consumers who are retargeted are more likely to convert than cold traffic. Retargeting marketing is a long-term marketing strategy. Once you set up your campaign, it continues to run in the background, targeting more prospects and earning more conversions for your community. IP retargeting also lets you dramatically expand your online visibility in a significant way.  

Large businesses have deep pockets and can afford to buy banner ads on all of the major ad networks, but it’s cost-prohibitive for small businesses. With retargeting, small businesses can create the impression of online ubiquity by only serving ads to people who have expressed a prior interest in their brand. While the outcome is the same, one will give the appearance that their company is significantly larger and has incredible online reach, even though they will be spending only a fraction of their largest competitors.

How is VisitorConnect Different?

VisitorConnect does more! It not only identifies the qualitative traffic but also acts on it, providing a cost-effective, personalized interaction with prospects. This enables a senior living community the engagement advantage. These contacts are warm prospective residents who are already in the marketplace examining their options. The best return on your marketing dollars is a strategic, personalized, targeted direct mail campaign to qualified prospective residents who have implicitly expressed interest in your senior living community.

Direct Mail is a proven method of reaching consumers. In 2021, standard direct mail open rates can reach nearly 90%. … Beyond open rates, Forbes estimates that 42% of recipients read, or scan, the advertising mailers they receive. This is double the number of people that open an advertising email. And response rates are equally impressive. People are also more receptive and actively engaged to mailers when the topic is relevant to them. When you increase the volume of personalized messaging to high-quality engaged prospects, the better chance you have of boosting occupancy in your community.

Direct Mail Works.

Don’t believe us? Here are some DirectMail stats from Fundera:

  • Direct mail spend is at $38.5 billion and accounts for the largest portion of US local advertising spend.
  • 70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions.
  • Direct mail open rates can reach up to 90%.
  • Adding a name to your direct mail piece can increase response rates by 135%.
  • 54% of consumers say they want direct mail from brands that interest them.

By integrating retargeting into your marketing plan, you’re wisely spending your money by focusing on already-interested, relevant leads who could become potential residents. They are the prospects that you are most likely to convert. Ready to learn more about VisitorConnect?

LeadingResponse is a performance marketing firm based in Tampa, Florida, and has been at the forefront of creating, integrating, and executing customer acquisition solutions that drive consumer response.