Senior Living

LeadingResponse works with senior living community operators not only to identify and connect with senior living prospects, but their adult children and family members. That’s because a prospect’s loved ones will often influence, if not outright decide, where the person will live.

Hybrid Marketing: The Perfect Solution For Your Business

By now, you are probably familiar with the term “hybrid marketing.” This refers to how digital and traditional marketing styles work in concert to maximize your marketing potential further and reach. Instead of focusing on just a couple of marketing channels to...

Your Prospects are Saying “It’s Time” – Are You Ready?

We’re not out of the woods yet. But it’s heartening to know that, with 75% of seniors now vaccinated, we’re on our way. That’s good news if you run senior living marketing and are hoping to improve occupancy. Many of your potential residents...

Never Miss Another Web Visitor – Even If They Don’t Leave Info

With senior living occupancy still a huge challenge and new competition coming from all directions, leads are more precious than ever. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you are not leaving any on the table. But, how do you know you’re not? If you aren’t...

What a Senior Living Prospect Looks For in a Community

At this moment, the senior living industry is grappling with the lowest occupancy rates in 50 years, according to Forbes. One factor is the pandemic, but there are others. In order to attract a senior living prospect, community operators and marketers must change their approach.