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What our clients are saying

With LeadingResponse, I now have a growing practice with a predictable marketing plan and a proven system that as long as I follow it I am confident more success is inevitable. Financial Advisor, Texas

“The webinar resulted in successfully scheduling 20 one-on-one appointments for estate plan review!”
– Estate Planning Attorney, Minnesota

“Wow! We got a 52% appointment conversion from webinar attendees that brought our business over $2.1M in new assets.”
– Financial Advisor, Alabama

“Our webinar successfully converted two new clients and over $500,000 in new assets. Thank you!”
– Financial Advisor, Wisconsin

Get faster results, increased prospects, & improved ROI.

We’ve cracked the code to generating high-quality, motivated prospects – consistently. Now is the time to plan and prepare for transformative growth.

Dynamic marketing solutions put you in front of highly qualified, motivated prospects.

Marketing strategies have changed, and so must your business. Our team has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to get you in front of the right prospects, in the right way, at the right time.

Expanding your business is easier when you work with an experienced partner. The LeadingResponse financial team, led by Jerry Lanier, has over 25 years of industry experience. Our marketing solutions are backed by years of experience, proven techniques, and successful strategies that put you in front of the ideal audience.

Running a successful financial business is challenging. Our marketing solutions can put you in front of more prospective clients and increase your bottom line. As the experts in consumer engagement in your industry, we’re here to provide coaching, guidance, and feedback that can propel your success.

Our Multichannel Solutions

Fill your calendar with 7-15 qualified one-on-one appointments each month and transform your business.
Reach consumers anytime, anywhere. Book appointments 24/7 with webinars that result in over twice the industry average attendance rate.

Direct Mail
Put your ad directly into their hands. Connect with consumers where they are.

Dinner Seminars
In-person educational events have proven successful for decades. Our programs can help your business reach new prospects, fast.

Educational Workshops
LeadingResponse offers two approaches for advisors looking to offer educational workshops for prospective clients. Both options provide course outlines, presentation and materials. Topics relate to helping consumers navigate retirement.

Get exclusive prospects – targeted to your specifics. Discover the difference our marketing solutions make.

Learn how our marketing solutions can boost your financial business and revenue

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Our results speak for themselves

6.4 Million

Appointments Generated for Financial Advisors

Over 1 Million

Events Managed

1.53 Million

Consumers Connected with Financial Advisors Every Year

Over 90%

Webinar Attendance Rates

$117 Billion

in Revenue Procured With the Help of Our Programs

Our process

Dynamic marketing solutions, featuring both traditional and digital strategies, can put you in front of highly qualified, motivated prospects.


From digital ads, to direct mailings, to webinars – our multi-channel marketing solutions put us where your future prospects are.


Using every major online and traditional marketing channel, our team initiates contact with your consumers and ensures the right fit with your business.


Attract the right prospects, every time. Matching your specific criteria, we target and engage the best leads to grow your organization.


Save time and money. Our team confirms needs and financial status, based on your criteria, before connecting them with you.


Marketing strategies have changed. Our team can put you in front of the right prospects, in the right way, at the right time.


We’ve promoted over one million marketing events for customers since 1995

That’s an average of 3,000 events a month, and a database of over 22 million baby boomers. We mail an average of five million hyper-targeted direct mail pieces monthly to consumers aged 55 and up.

Our exclusive lead model delivers inquiries that are four times more likely to convert than those of our competitors.

Competition is fierce, and the marketing techniques you’ve used in the past won’t work with today’s pre-retirees and retirees. Connect with us to learn how our marketing mix can grow your financial business and increase your revenue immediately.

The sooner you start, the sooner you reap the rewards.

Landing high-value clients begin by identifying and targeting the best prospects – something LeadingResponse has over 25 years of experience in. Start your growth today:

Founded in 1996 with headquarters in Tampa, LeadingResponse is a trusted and proven leader in customer acquisition for health and wealth organizations across the United States.

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