With senior living occupancy still a huge challenge and new competition coming from all directions, leads are more precious than ever. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you are not leaving any on the table. But, how do you know you’re not? If you aren’t tracking web visitors, you might be missing out.

Web visitors, by nature, move quickly between websites, especially when they are in the early stages of information gathering. Within minutes, they may have visited a dozen or so senior living community sites, all without leaving their contact information. So it’s up to marketers to identify and capture data about these capricious visitors. Learn more about your web visitors and how you can retarget them.

Now you can develop personalized direct mail campaigns with much more than name, age, and address.

Fortunately, technology has evolved to trap vital information about your web visitors. At LeadingResponse, we have engineered this through our VisitorConnect direct mail solution, which re-targets website visitors in the form of a highly personalized direct mail program. It uses an algorithm-based technique called “reverse-append,” resulting in detailed information about each web visitor, including name, address, income level and additional ailment data, familial relationships and more.

This enables marketers to create highly targeted direct mail pieces sent only to pre-qualified recipients within 48-72 hours of visiting your site. No more dollars wasted on massive campaigns with low returns. It makes sense as more senior living marketers turning their attention back to direct mail. The data backs this up. Here are some stats from Fundera:

  • 70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions.
  • Direct mail open rates can reach up to 90%.
  • Direct response rates are five to nine times higher than any other advertising channel.

And, while direct mail is especially popular with older recipients, in a HubSpot study, 80% of millennials reported being attentive to direct mail.

Marketers are shifting away from digital-only strategies that don’t move the needle.

When an individual filters through their mail, their eyes will catch on those mailers with messaging that relates directly to their individual situations. According to Fundera, even adding a name to a direct mail piece can increase response rates by 135%. Imagine how much more effective it would be if the subject was relatable as well!

This is why marketers are shifting away from using only digital ads, which force you to bid against thousands of other ads from other communities; all just to get your ad seen. You can spend thousands of dollars and not move the needle. The VisitorConnect direct mail solution does.

To succeed in today’s challenging senior living marketing landscape, you will need to leverage every tool available to you. That means identifying all your web visitors and gathering as much information about them as possible. It also means going beyond digital ads alone, to use other methods, like direct mail, to connect and engage with them.

We have helped thousands of senior living community marketers take these steps to gain a stronger foothold in this dynamic marketplace. We can help you as well.