We were first introduced to Fred Tabak while attending the 2011 Spring NOSSCR conference. Tabak Law then joined LeadingResponse’s SSD program, purchasing 100 leads in the state of Wisconsin per month. In the seven years since our companies first started working together, we have seen Fred’s business expand and grow exponentially.

Tabak Law’s Growth Helps Them Serve New Practice Areas and Geographies

That growth includes how many SSD cases Fred’s firm retains each month as well as the different geographies they service. They’ve even expanded to serve additional practice areas (currently, Tabak Law accepts new clients for the following case types):

  • Social Security disability (SSD)
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Personal injury
  • Auto accident
  • Veterans’ benefits

Fred, his partners, and the entire Tabak Law team have been instrumental in LeadingResponse’s business growth and progress. As a result, we appreciate all we’ve been able to learn from them during the course of our business relationship.

What Fred Tabak Says About LeadingResponse:

“It has been a pleasure working with LeadingResponse over the past seven years. We have had the privilege of observing both Tabak Law as well as LeadingResponse grow and thrive. What sets LeadingResponse apart from the competition is their willingness to change an adapt to maintain their preeminent position in an ever-evolving Social Security lead market.”
– Fred N. Tabak, Esq.

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Fred Tabak found success through our monthly SSD lead generation program, and we’re confident that your firm will, too. In fact, LeadingResponse delivers over one million high-quality, rigorously vetted leads each year for our clients. Whether your practice specializes in mass tort, auto accident or VA disability, once you partner with us, we will deliver. Ready to learn how LeadingResponse can help you grow your firm’s clientele? Use the contact form on this page to request your free lead volume and availability estimate today!