Marketing professionals were challenged to do more with less last year – and that hasn’t changed in 2021. Many are trying to figure out how to fill their sales pipelines with prospective residents on a limited budget.

In early 2020, when live events abruptly ended, creative marketers shifted from in-person educational seminars and community tours to virtual events. Today, senior living organizations can keep the momentum going with our newly launched subscription webinar program. (More on that later.)

The success of virtual events

It’s a fact that consumer habits have permanently changed. As Senior Housing News pointed out in a recent article, older Americans have become accustomed to digital communications and technology. They want to have control over how, where, and when they connect.

An effective way to reach them where they live is through LeadingResponse webinars. Our system is web browser-based, so there are no tricky interfaces or downloads. It’s really easy to use.

With our subscription webinar program, we offer turnkey support, including branded content, customizable landing pages, and multichannel targeting to push the right audience to your virtual events. Just choose the dates and times, record your webinar once, and redistribute it on demand. This way, it can continuously generate leads.

Not only can you save time and money using webinars, they can help you work smarter. By offering regular webinars, you can grow your communities both now and post-pandemic.

The benefits of our subscription webinar program

We provide senior living organizations big and small with an opportunity to take advantage of our subscription program. Our current plan includes three unique options:

Steady growth is possible

No matter when the pandemic ends, webinars are the wave of the future. People of all ages are now used to educating themselves conveniently at home. Don’t pass up the chance to create regular, ongoing webinar presentations at a competitive price. Partner with LeadingResponse to balance your budget and lead generation needs.

Now is the time to improve occupancy in your community . Contact us today for a complimentary consultation about our subscription webinar program.