Digital marketers are apprehensive about the recent rollout of iOS 14. Part of the new update impacts a user’s data tracking permission. While many individuals approve of this change, marketers and businesses are concerned that Facebook ads, which rely on this information, won’t perform as well.

What is the new iOS update all about?

The iOS 14 update provides users with a more transparent choice in sharing their information by asking about privacy settings with the download of each new app. This will undoubtedly offer more iPhone users peace of mind and privacy. However, businesses anticipate most people will opt out.

What concerns digital marketers is a long-term reduction in visibility. If fewer users and instances are being tracked online, digital marketing will be forced to shift. Will Facebook be able to effectively measure and target segments of the population, as they currently do? How much will ad visibility be reduced?

Will The iOS 14 update affect you?

It’s not a simple yes or no. Facebook feels strongly that the iOS 14 update will be harmful to small businesses. However, the change isn’t expected to be immediate. More likely, it will change over the course of time. Time will tell how much the update will affect a business’s digital marketing footprint. In a normal economy, small companies might be more apt to succeed. But with many still recovering from pandemic restrictions and changes in budget, it could be a more challenging path.

What can you do to improve your digital marketing in response to the iOS 14 update?

Success in marketing has always depended on the ability to shift and pivot with the audience’s changing needs and platforms. Preparing now for these impending changes can help keep you in the game.

Segment Your iPhone and Android Audience: Create campaigns designed to target Android devices only. As the iOS 14 update only affects iPhones, Android user tracking will remain the same.

Verify your domain with Facebook: If you haven’t already, verify your domain to ensure your pixel data is uninterrupted. If you own more than one entity on your domain with pixels, this becomes even more important.

Prioritize your top 8 events: Pixels and custom conversions will be affected, and preparing for this change is vital for businesses. Keep in mind, Facebook will choose your highest priority if you don’t, so make sure to check and change selections to match your goals.

Are you a LeadingResponse client?

During this change and all shifts in the market, we remain firmly by your side. Our goal is to ensure our audiences are not affected by providing insight into the changes we’re seeing and making adjustments to benefit your business. As Meta Business Partners, we have the access and experience to determine the most successful way forward for your business.

There are many resources for additional information on the new iOS 14 update and recommendations on how to protect yourself. Here are some of them: Social Media ExaminerSearch Engine JournalDigital Market, and Facebook.