On Friday, a Texas jury awarded plaintiff Jeffrey Pavlock, a 35-year-old Houston-area firefighter, $1.2 million following a three-week trial regarding injuries he sustained after implantation of a Cook Celect IVC filter. According to Pavlock, the device fractured, migrated and metal fragments perforated his aorta as well as his duodenum. The case was the first against Cook held in a state court about the IVC, which has been the target of 4,000 lawsuits that claim serious issues for patients.

2010-2012: FDA Warning Triggers Initial IVC Filter Lawsuit Claims

In 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an inferior vena cava filter safety warning after receiving 921 adverse event reports. About 18 months later, the first lawsuits started pouring in. Today, several thousand patients allege these faulty devices punctured organs, caused heart damage as well as other life-threatening injuries.

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