LeadingResponse attended the American Association of Justice Conference in Las Vegas from July 12-15 to meet with other legal professionals and get a pulse on what’s happening in the industry. If you missed the event, we’ve got you covered.

Here were our takeaways:

Firms are diversifying

More firms than ever are moving into other practice areas. Firms no longer only deal with auto leads but might also handle mass tort cases, personal injury, and medical malpractice. By diversifying their focus, law firms can find increased income and stability in the market.

Not only are firms diversifying in their practice areas, but they are dabbling with more advertising channels. Digital advertising, webinars, one-on-one appointments, E-docs, TV advertising, and direct mail are channels that legal firms are using to connect with more consumers. If your firm is only marketing on one or two channels, you miss out on crucial income and opportunities.

Firms are embracing technology

The pandemic has changed business forever. Businesses that avoided technology were forced to embrace it or get pushed out. Legal firms across the country have turned to technology – and it’s benefitting them.

Technology has helped expand firms’ reach by connecting with consumers at different places and times than with just one channel. Legal firms can also more easily reach prospects in other areas, both statewide and beyond.

With technology comes some fantastic new ways to connect more accessible and faster with potential clients. Phone services like DirectConnect allow lawyers to connect immediately with live leads on the phone, seeking legal help. Lead nurturing systems track a firm’s prospects and help keep their firm top of mind. Both ensure a firm connects with the consumer at the right time.

Plus, more legal firms consider webinars and virtual events to educate and connect with their peers and audience. People want to do business with a lawyer they trust, and a webinar is a great way to connect, educate, and move your business to the next level.

If you missed our team at the American Association for Justice conference, you still have time to reach us for more information. Speak directly to our VP of Legal, Carol Ornelas, by scheduling an appointment with her.