Top advisors have discovered pairing live events with webinars is a winning strategy.

As more and more states relax coronavirus restrictions or lift them entirely, dinner seminar events are coming back. But unlike in the Before Times, financial advisors are not just scheduling them to have a backup plan in case they have issues with to face-to-face seminars. They’ve adopted hybrid campaigns to widen their marketing footprint and their pool of prospects.

Why hybrid events are effective

Our clients are not just getting great results by pairing live seminars and webinars. In addition, they’re using both direct and digital channels for promotion. This multichannel approach serves two purposes:

  • It gives people attendance options, which they’ve come to expect; and
  • it helps advisors generate more leads and highly-qualified prospects.

We handle the details for advisors

So you’ve decided to try pairing live events with webinars? Great! It’s not as time consuming or complicated as you may think.

That’s because while you choose the event location and the invitation design, LeadingResponse takes care of the rest. We target your ideal prospects, using data including age, income, ZIP code, and investable assets. And, of course, we manage the RSVPs.

And if you’ve never hosted a hybrid event before, your marketing consultant will work with you each step of the way to ensure it’s a success.

Pairing Events With Webinars

For over 25 years, LeadingResponse has helped financial professionals with client acquisition and business growth. Are you ready to begin combining in-person events with webinars to accelerate the growth of your business? Let’s make it happen!