Plan for the Future Today!

Although our team has some amazing skills, we are not fortune tellers and cannot predict the future. However, we can reasonably assert that during the current global pandemic, things have shifted around the world. These changes will have an impact on how you plan, prepare, and execute your business strategy for 2022.

This past year has required business leaders to not only enhance their current skill sets but to also acquire new ones. With the advent of work-at-home scenarios and hybridization, you have had to navigate the business world in a different manner. A way that requires a bit more understanding, empathy, and open-mindedness.

So, with just a few short months to prepare for the coming year ahead, it is imperative you move forward with a proactive frame of mind so that when the doors to a new year open you are prepared to move forward positively, enthusiastically, and confidently, never allowing the exciting momentum towards growth and profitability wane.

Practice Makes Perfect: 7 Effective Ways to Be Ahead of the Game in 2022

Inquire within.

Now is the time to conduct a survey of what consumers want. This is a great way to better understand their needs, both immediate and long-term, and then determine how your business fits within those parameters. This will also give you an insider’s look at how you and your brand are perceived by the public. This gives you the chance to adjust and make room for improvement.

Give your marketing plan a thorough check-up.

Take a look back at all marketing campaigns and other initiatives you implemented in the past year. Did they deliver as expected or did they fall short of the mark? In areas where you did encounter success, what factors contributed and how can you benefit from those into 2022? Whatever data, information, and other insights you can acquire from looking at both the pros and the cons of your past marketing measures can be applied to build a bigger and more confident strategy for the coming year. Remember, analyzing and learning from any downsides are just as important as celebrating the victories!

Boost your social media presence.

This can be tricky for many professionals, mainly because they lack the time to attend to this much-needed method of marketing. However, in order for consumers to find you online, you have to update and optimize any and all social channels you maintain. If these have lost some traction, now is the perfect time to bring them up-to-speed and fully maximize their potential for increased growth of your business.

Study current market trends.

Determine what worked last year and into this year for other companies within your industry. There have been many adjustments to your business strategy that have had to be made in the past year and a half and there will undoubtedly be many more to come. However, once you have a better understanding of how other companies within your professional realm have achieved success and additional growth, especially during such a turbulent time, you can then acquire a better understanding of where you should place your focus in terms of strategic planning and marketing measures for the coming year.

Start a company podcast.

You’re probably sweating already just thinking about this, right? But it’s actually a pretty strategic move. According to Forbes.com, “Quill’s research shows that branded podcasts offer high levels of return potential. They have been shown to bump up brand visibility by 89%. Maybe even more importantly, podcasts increase buying intent by 14%.” Podcasting may not have ever been on your radar. Nevertheless, it might be time to consider adding this engaging idea to your marketing plan. Besides, you just might have an eager staff member who would be willing to take the lead on this one!


Percent of visibility increase from having a branded podcast


Percent of increase in buying intent resulting from podcasts

Automate the menial tasks.

If you want to free some time for your employees to take on more meaningful tasks, consider automating the repetitive jobs. You might be asking, “What tasks could I potentially automate?” Well, for starters, consider customer support. You have probably been on the receiving end of those chatbots when you call a particular company that responds to common concerns and questions. Even certain software applications are available to help customer service agents more effectively handle issues that arise.

Scale your business strategy without eliminating staff members.

Reorganize with efficiency at top of mind. This could involve switching responsibilities between staff members. This can potentially lead to increased productivity and, in the end, a greater ROI.

These tips for your marketing plan merely scratch the surface of what you can do to jump start your business for the coming year. However, they are effective and can lead to further ideas that have the potential to have a significant and positive impact on your bottom line in 2022.

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