Are you a senior living marketer wondering how many potential residents are skimming your website, but not asking for more info? If so, you’re far from alone.

Because they’re browsing your site, you know visitors are exploring the various senior living options available in the area. To capture the most promising leads, LeadingResponse developed a way to identify and reach out to those who meet your target audience criteria. It’s a reverse append algorithm we call  VisitorConnect.

Here’s the VisitorConnect process:


Why VisitorConnect works

Over the past year, the team at LeadingResponse has learned some important lessons about marketing and the retargeting process.

Yes, we’re living in the digital communications era. And yes, we are still being affected by the pandemic. However, when deployed strategically, direct marketing remains an effective way to promote a business. (We have the results to prove it.)

Even tech giants such as Google use direct mail. What’s more, according to Forbes, 50% of consumers try a new product, service, or establishment after they receive a direct mail ad.

People like “snail mail”

Experience has shown us older Americans are receptive to mailers when the topic is relevant to them. Before the pandemic, most checked their mail frequently. Even now, some visit their mailbox each delivery day. And they’ll continue to do it once COVID-19 guidelines are relaxed.

Start generating more qualified leads now with our VisitorConnect retargeting process. When you increase the volume of high-quality prospects, you give your sales team a better chance of closing sales. And you know they’ll appreciate that!

If boosting occupancy at your community is one of your top priorities, get in touch with us to learn more about our senior living marketing programs. You may also schedule a no-cost VisitorConnect consultation.