According to Google Trends, “workers compensation lawyer” searches have remained consistently near the highest possible interest level since March 2017. If you’re looking for workers’ comp leads, we rank each U.S. state below from highest to lowest search volume. In addition, you’ll find the highest and lowest-ranking search terms related to “workers compensation lawyer” for this year.

Top Five Workers’ Compensation Industry Search Terms

Reviewing search terms related to the workers’ compensation industry can give you better insights into what leads look for online. You can use these phrases and words for SEO purposes, or you can bid on them as PPC keywords. First, let’s review the top five workers’ compensation-related search terms nationwide:

  1. Workers compensation
  2. Workers comp
  3. Workmans comp
  4. Workers compensation lawyer
  5. Workers comp lawyer

Five Least Relevant Searches Related to “Workers Compensation Lawyer”

Next, let’s look at the five least-relevant search queries related to the workers’ comp industry:

  • Workers comp codes
  • Texas workers compensation
  • Workers comp attorneys
  • Worker compensation
  • Federal workers compensation

What we infer from the above data is this: You should use every variation of “workers comp” on your website. You might have better luck targeting workers’ comp leads for your specific state instead of prospects that file federal claims.

The Five Highest Interest States Ranked by Regional Score

Here are the top five states where people search for “workers compensation lawyer” most often in 2017, ranked highest to lowest:

  • Kansas (Google Trends regional interest score: 100)
  • Colorado (Google Trends regional interest score: 71)
  • Virginia (Google Trends regional interest score: 56)
  • New York (Google Trends regional interest score: 54)
  • Pennsylvania (Google Trends regional interest score: 31)

Since these five states rank highest for “workers compensation lawyer” interest and searches, work that to your advantage. For example: If you’re looking to expand your practice or open a new office location, consider either Kansas or Colorado. And if you’re already practicing in one of these high-interest states, list your office’s address on your website’s home page.

Tips to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts in Low Interest States

The five states where people are least likely to search for “workers compensation lawyer” are:

  1. Georgia (Google Trends regional interest score: 10)
  2. North Carolina (Google Trends regional interest score: 8)
  3. Indiana (Google Trends regional interest score: 6)
  4. Nebraska (Google Trends regional interest score: 6)
  5. Arizona (Google Trends regional interest score: 5)

Here are a few ways to work this knowledge to your advantage when you’re planning the next quarter’s marketing spend:

  • Arizona lawyers, try targeting your online display ads within the Phoenix. That’s where most “workers compensation lawyer” searches happen.
  • Nevadans in Lincoln as well as Hastings-Kearney most frequently search for workers’ comp lawyers online.
  • Attention, Hoosiers: We observed that Indiana “workers compensation lawyer” searches consistently spiked every April during the past five years.
  • Greensboro, High Point and Winston-Salem ranked highest for both interest and search volume in North Carolina. Search volume for NC peaked this year in May as well as August.
  • Atlanta has the highest search volume and interest level for Georgia, which isn’t surprising. That said, Georgians also frequently search for “workers compensation lawyer fees” and “workers compensation laws.” So, transparency in those areas may help your firm improve client acquisition and retention rates.

“Workers Compensation Lawyer” vs. “Workers Compensation Attorney”

To attract the best local workers’ comp leads, understanding which search terms people use to find representation makes a difference. Google Trends should provide the most popular search queries for the workers compensation industry. Here’s how to interpret those search score numbers that Google shows you:

  • The most common search term is scored at 100
  • A 50 score indicates that half as many people use that specific search query
  • Anything with a score below 5 likely won’t show up in Google Trends at all

Armed with this information, you can audit your current PPC keyword bids in order to optimize your ROI. For example: Google assigns “workers compensation lawyer” a score of 100. However, “workers compensation attorney” receives a noticeably lower 85 score.

And looking at related search terms provides plenty of useful information about potential leads, too. While looking at “workers compensation” searches, “fee” comes up as equally relevant to “insurance” under the Related Topics heading. There are so many different things to explore, why not use this free, publicly available search information to your advantage?

Why Local Search Terms Matter

When someone’s looking for a lawyer to represent their case, they don’t want to know about attorneys in different states. That’s because in general, the vast majority of attorneys don’t practice law across state lines. Lawyers are generally only licensed in their home state and don’t have jurisdiction in others (except for mass tort cases). Potential clients want to search for an experienced workers’ comp lawyer locally, even if they don’t think about it. Surprisingly, “Workers’ comp attorney near me” isn’t one of the more popular related searches. But Google automatically highlights nearby businesses when people don’t enter their city’s name, so local search terms do matter.

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