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5 Ways to Make Your Dental Practice More Successful in 2022

(Getting to the root of the best marketing campaigns to grow your dental practice; #3 is something you really need to sink your teeth into now!) So, you think you are the boss of the floss, huh? In reality, you are. As a professional dentist, you definitely know your...

Meet Our LeadingResponse Team – John McCloskey

Our LeadingResponse team is the core of who we are as a company, and it is our privilege to share more about our employees with our consumers. We look forward to highlighting our team members regularly with insightful and fun information about who our employees REALLY are.

Your Practitioner Dinner Seminar Checklist

Are you a care provider who hasn’t hosted live events in 2021 because of pandemic-related restaurant closures or capacity restrictions? Or finding that consumers are unwilling to commit to this type of activity? Those barriers have now been removed in many areas and...

Healthcare Marketing Trends for the Remainder of 2021

Congratulations on successfully navigating the first six months of 2021. It’s been a year like no other. Other than a continued emphasis on controlling the spread of COVID-19, we can’t say with certainty what the rest of 2021 holds for medical professionals. But that’s not stopping us from identifying three healthcare marketing trends we expect to emerge in the second half of the year. Let’s get started.

3 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed the Healthcare Industry

Even as vaccines become widely available and practices reopen to full capacity, the way healthcare is delivered has permanently changed. In addition, people now view and approach health and wellness differently than they did pre-COVID.

More Care Provider Social Media Marketing Tips

Today, using social media to promote your health and wellness practice is a must. If you’re not connecting with prospective patients on social media, you’re probably losing business to competitors who do. And if you already have an online presence, there is always room for improvement.