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Jan 15, 2021 | Marketing

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We’d like to introduce our CEO, Matthew Kearney, share his insights on our markets and solutions; and reveal how he is spending his time working from home, like the rest of us at LeadingResponse.

Read on for nine answers to questions that directly pertain to you regarding enterprise solutions, and three things we thought you should know about Matthew.

1. Briefly share what LeadingResponse does

LeadingResponse CEO Matthew KearneyMatthew Kearney

When I break down what we do, I see it in three layers, with technology serving as the underpinning for all three.

In the first layer, we initiate contact with the consumer using a multichannel approach that includes Facebook (now Meta Business Partner Program), Google, Direct Mail, pay-per-click, and more.

The second layer involves the management of the consumer conversation and confirming the assistance the consumer needs, so we can best direct them to our clients through online and offline efforts.

The third layer leads to consumer/client engagement. This can take the form of scheduled appointments, calls, webinars, seminars, client intake desks, leading to successful closure – which we are committed to measuring.

Each is supported and managed through LeadingResponse technology – whether it is our client-facing portal ProspectConnect; our lead generation portal; our Facebook and Google partnerships; or our own direct mail facilities.

2. How do clients benefit from working with you?

LeadingResponse offers our clients cost-effective solutions that provide high value, can be implemented quickly, and can be altered quickly as requirements or markets change. And, of course, they are secure and robust.

3. What markets does LeadingResponse support?

We operate in Financial – primarily in the annuity space – Senior Living, Elective Medical, and Legal.

4. What is the core issue your solutions address and what sets you apart from other players in the market?

We are laser-focused on driving growth for our clients, and we do that through targeted methods to garner highly-qualified consumers. Where we stand out in the market is the breadth of our enterprise solutions – we truly offer an enterprise approach to client acquisition, while other providers are limited in their offerings. Plus, our team of marketing consultants can’t be beat. They truly care for our clients and enjoy crafting a solution mix that fits clients’ objectives and helps grow their businesses.

5. When you say, “enterprise solutions,” what do you mean?

With our system, we initiate consumer activation through multiple channels, including Facebook, Google, direct mail, and YouTube. We are constantly monitoring these channels through our internal software, and modifying media spend to optimize lead quality and volume. Leads are delivered to the client via our client portal in the desired point of the sales funnel, whether it is a raw lead or a one-on-one meeting.

6. What are some of the common challenges your customers approach you with?

Well, this year has been a year unlike any other. While other organizations have been significantly impacted, our business has remained consistent. We have found that at every stage of the economy, consumers still need help finding legal, wealth management, senior living, and medical advice. We have also seen this with our professional services client base. They continue to turn to LeadingResponse for help in locating the consumers they need -and our enterprise solutions can help them.

7. How has the company adapted to the impacts of COVID-19?

We reacted quickly and launched our webinar solution, WebinarConnect. Coupling this solution with our direct mail and online marketing efforts has been a win for our clients. In addition, we have seen an increase for our Facebook and Google solutions. So overall, there hasn’t been much change in how we communicate with our clients. Our client portal continues to enable clients to check in on their programs, 24/7. And our reps stay in contact via phone and email. So that has stayed consistent.

What has changed, however, is that all of our employees had to adapt to working from home. At first, this was a challenge for some. As employees have become more comfortable, though, we’ve seen productivity and collaboration grow.

8. What’s your go-to resource that you use to stay in touch with the changes happening in the space?

So much is happening so rapidly. Some of it is really relevant, while some changes that seemed to be relevant, turned out to be background noise. I read, view, and listen a lot to try to stay ahead, but the CES and Mobile World Congress are my two go-to annual events. I love to help keep track of long-term trends and insights into what the future may have in store.

9. If you could go back in time to speak to your 20-year-old self, what would you tell him?

I would tell him to never stop learning.

Now, let’s get personal

First job: Clearing tables and washing up at the staff canteen (cafeteria) of Ocean, a shipping line based in Liverpool, England, where I am from.

Last holiday: We went to Quogue, near Southampton, Long Island, NY.

When you are not at work, where can we most likely find you? Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, New York.

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