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We have worked with thousands of clients, like you, and we believe strongly that we serve as an extension to their business. We view our client engagements as a partnership.
We are in the business of human connection. And we do that more efficiently and effectively through technology. At LeadingResponse, we apply the most innovative and advanced technologies to our solutions to ensure we deliver the best results to our clients. Our technology powers the entire consumer journey to target qualified prospects from our consumer activation engine, where we filter and qualify lead generation, to our client-facing portal, Hub, where clients review progress of their campaigns, to our consumer data platform, which contains 22 million consumer records.

The Consumer Journey is our playground

Our multichannel solutions, featuring both traditional and digital marketing strategies, put you in front of highly qualified and motivated consumers exactly at the point in the journey you want to target.

We spend every minute of every day immersed in the customer journey. It became evident through the influx in channels and touchpoints there is no one path to purchase anymore. This is great news for any business as it presents additional opportunities to engage with and influence consumers in a multitude of places. However, you need an expert to target qualified prospects. LeadingResponse can extend your reach by doing the work to ensure that the data, strategies, and programs are in place for you to reach consumers that fit your desired demographics at the exact points where consumers want to engage.

Presenting LeadingResponse’s Tech Stack

Our technology stack powers the entire consumer journey. Here’s the breakdown:

Consumer Activation Engine
Our Consumer Activation Engine connects the right leads to the right client, activating opportunities for optimization while driving our daily goals. The system can facilitate complex workflows that filter leads by client-specific qualifications and/or personas and then deliver those leads in real-time, without exceeding client set daily/weekly/monthly caps, to the clients’ CRM system. As all marketers know, the secret of success is A/B testing. You can never test enough. Our system has built-in A/B testing so we are able to adjust mid-campaigns to generate the highest qualified lead conversions. Additionally, the leads that are passed to clients are put through rigorous quality checks within the solution to target qualified prospects – filtering out bad names, phone numbers and email addresses, inaccurate data, and more.

Customer Portal: Hub
LeadingResponse’s client portal, Hub, gives our clients real-time access to their ongoing and upcoming campaigns, robust performance analysis, and one-on-one prospect communication. Every campaign includes full consumer details that includes key socioeconomic and demographic data and contact information, 24/7. This newly enhanced client portal features simplified navigation and ease of use, a personalized and secure experience, and access to more data in less time. With fast, seamless integration, you can get set up in just minutes, and because it’s fully responsive, you can view your campaign analytics from your phone anytime, anywhere. Portal information can be integrated with client’s CRM system, including Salesforce, Redtail, and others. Do more than just reporting with Hub.

Consumer Data Platform
LeadingResponse’s Consumer Data Platform is the central repository for all of our consumer data obtained through engagement with our multichannel solutions. All data is structured into individual, centralized profiles giving us a complete view into each consumer’s behavior. Details we capture include:

  • Behavioral data, such as engagement with one or more of our multichannel marketing solutions
  • Transactional data, such as registrations, attendance, and more
  • Demographic and Socioeconomic data, such as assets, income producing assets, age, gender, and more.

Armed with these data points, LeadingResponse can predict the optimal next move/campaign with a particular consumer; thus helping our client achieve better and more qualified engagements.

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