Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Search Trends in 2020

Jan 6, 2020 | Legal

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We recently analyzed the internet search term “workers compensation lawyers near me” to see how it’s performing right now.

The popularity of this phrase has waxed and waned over the past several weeks.

According to Google Trends, “workers’ compensation lawyer” peaked on Dec. 6 and again between Jan. 12 – 18.

Because this search term is on the upswing, here are some additional statistics that reveal how people look for attorneys practicing state and federal workers’ compensation law.

Interpreting online search data

To begin, it is helpful to understand which search terms people use to find workers compensation lawyer (WC) representation.

Google Trends delivers the most popular search queries for the WC industry and assigns them a score.

  • The most common search term is scored at 100
  • A 50 score indicates that half as many people use that specific search query
  • Anything with a score of 5 or less likely won’t show up in Google Trends 

As you’ll see, looking at related search terms provides plenty of useful information about potential workers’ comp lawyer leads.

In an examination of  “workers compensation” searches, we found “workers comp attorney” scores a 100, while “workers compensation attorney near me” scores a 34 and “federal workers compensation attorney” scores a 31.

Additionally, we were curious if “workers compensation lawyer” outperformed “workers compensation attorney” or the other way around.

Turns out more people used the word attorney than lawyer.

Furthermore, the volume of WC searches with “attorney” were highest in Kansas, California, Nebraska, New York and Pennsylvania.

Those with “lawyer” were highest in South Carolina, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and in a tie for fifth place, California and Maryland.

Why local search terms matter

A person seeking legal representation is looking for someone near them.

That’s because the vast majority of attorneys are only licensed in their home state.

They do not have jurisdiction in other states, except for mass tort cases.

Even if they don’t think about it, potential clients want to find an experienced WC lawyer locally.

This is why when people do not add their city’s name to their searches, Google automatically highlights nearby businesses.

Legal client acquisition marketing

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