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Growth Tools That Keep Prospects Engaged During Mandatory Covid-19 Seminar Event Closings

Reach Great Prospects In Quarantine


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Across the country, states and individual cities are canceling group gatherings and public events in order to help limit the spread of Covid-19. As a result, your business might worry these mandatory closings could negatively impact your ability to connect with and engage potential clients using seminar marketing events. As a pioneer and proven leader in the client acquisitions industry, LeadingResponse already has a suite of alternative marketing tools in place to help your business adapt and achieve real growth, despite these current challenges.

When you partner with LeadingResponse, we use an array of proven online and offline marketing campaigns to target prospects in your preferred territories that look like ideal clients. Once we’ve established that connection, use one or more of the following tools to engage and convert those prospects into clients:

  • 1-on-1 appointments. Our proven 1-on-1 Appointment Program uses incentive gift card offers to reward prospects that make and keep individual appointments held in any location that you choose.
  • Online webinars. Use this tool to deliver compelling digital presentations that will keep your attendees engaged, no matter where they’re physically located.
  • Phone appointments. You’ve never had trouble closing a deal once you’re in front of the right audience. When face-to-face interactions aren’t possible, we’ll help you connect with highly motivated, pre-qualified prospects by phone.

Here’s How You Can Benefit

  • Harness proprietary data from millions of event responder sets to create meaningful engagements with prospects online.
  • Have our expertly trained call center agents contact and pre-qualify prospects before booking your 1-on-1 appointments.
  • Use customizable marketing solutions to stay within your monthly target budget and comply with your state’s regulations.
  • Target the 40% of affluent clients not currently online using eye-catching, hyper-local direct mail advertising campaigns.

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of the original seminar marketing provider — and profit from the results.


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