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Actively Acquire, Refine and Grow Your Client Base with Webinars

WebinarConnect provides the same level of interaction online that you’ve come to expect from traditional workshops and seminars. Schedule digital events anywhere, anytime and host them directly through your web browser.

LeadingResponse uses custom-branded promotional campaigns to generate high quality RSVPs for your webinar marketing events. You’ll also enjoy higher attendance rates and white-glove customer service. It’s a stress-free way for you to grow your business while staying within your marketing budget. You bring the expertise, and we’ll bring the audience to you.

Higher Attendee Rates

Get higher attendee rates from our easy to use browser-based webinar solution.

Stress Free Promotions

Just pick a date & time and enjoy stress free coordination to promote your webinar event.

Multichannel Marketing

Driving registrations – using your brand – through multiple channels [ie. Facebook, direct mail, email, digital display ads]

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Program FAQ’s

What types of webinars do you currently support?
We support live webinars in conjunction with our marketing campaigns at no additional charge. We support on-demand, evergreen, and virtual meeting space solutions as a subscription.
How can I market my webinars?
We support multi-channel marketing, which means you have the option of utilizing social media, email blasts, display advertising, direct mail, or any combination of these media to market your webinars.
When do I need to set up my webinar?
The good news is we take care of this for you, which means you don’t have to worry about anything. This is webinars “done-for-you.”
What do I need to handle vs what LeadingResponse handles?

You need to:
• Select the day and time
• Concern yourself with the presentation only. Concentrate on building out the deck, writing out the script and practice, practice, practice.

LeadingReponse handles:
• Creating registration page
• Promoting the event through multiple channels – Facebook ad, emails, direct mail
• Handles the registrations – both online and through our call center; and schedules the reminders
• Coordinates a dry run with you to test out your hardware and get you familiar with the platform.
• Creates polling, promotional pop ups, surveys — and any other type of engagement you would like to have during the webinar.
• If doing gift cards, handles the distribution of gifts cards with unique identifiers to the attendees based on your established criteria, i.e. time spent on webinar, etc.

What is the maximum number of attendees that I can host for each webinar?
You can host up to 100 people per webinar.
Will materials and promotions be done under my brand?
All webinar components – invites, registration pages, etc – will be customized with your branding allowing for a seamless experience.

We use a proven, high-converting landing page structure that can be tailored to your unique brand.

What happens when someone registers?
Each registrant receives a unique access link that is used for tracking user participation and engagement. They’re also entered into Prospect Connect.
How can people sign up for my webinar?
Attendees can register for the webinar via:
• Online registration page
• Calling into the call center
Are my registrants sent automated reminders?

Of course, email and text message reminders are leveraged to improve attendance.

What types of audience engagement tools are available?

In addition to automated email and text communication, our platform also supports quizzes, polls, chat, Q & A, surveys, and call-to-action modules.

How can I best optimize my webinar conversion?

LeadingResponse will help you set up effective engagement tools, and corresponding call-to-action (CTA) offers. These will be displayed strategically during your webinar event to maximize user engagement and conversion.

Do I need to download anything to launch & host a webinar?
You don’t need to download or install any specific application to launch and host a webinar. The only necessary download is an internet browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer, but you likely already have an internet browser that you use.
Is there a limit to using only presentation slides?

Absolutely not! Our platform is very flexible. You can leverage streaming video of yourself, web-based video such as YouTube, etc., audio, PowerPoint, Keynote, internet pages, and a host of other computer applications.

What happens if someone registers but doesn’t attend? Is there automated follow up?

All registrants are sent a link to a recording of your webinar along with an offer for an individual in-person, virtual, or phone consultation.

How can I respond to chat and questions while presenting?

We recommend that you have another person help respond to chat and questions. In addition, you can respond via SMS or Slack integrations.

How do you support the call-to-action (CTA) for individual meetings?

We offer an integration that links directly to your preferred calendar and displays availability to your audience to make booking a consultation easy.

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In addition to all these benefits of our webinar marketing services, LeadingResponse’s hyper-targeted marketing campaigns ensure every virtual event attendee fits your ideal client profile.

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