To be sure, 2020 was a challenging year by almost any standards. But there are opportunities for growth wherever there is rapid change.

Think with Google features the latest data, insights, and inspiration from Google. Its 9 Predictions for Marketing in 2021, From Tomorrow’s Industry Leaders, is no exception. Here are some insights for 2021.

Marketing Prediction #1: Diversity Marketing Will Become More Prioritized

Brands in 2020 increasingly focused on and supported diversity, including gender, color, and equity – prompting consumers to engage more with their advertising. It’s a shift that will continue in 2021.

Since the U.S. is made up of diverse people, it’s important to capitalize on our uniqueness and help everyone feel included. Companies that do so will see a huge impact on their audiences.

Marketing Prediction #2: Convenience Is Paramount

When the coronavirus emerged, people began viewing convenience in ways never considered before. As a result, companies pivoted to virtual meetings, remote working, direct-to-door delivery, one-on-one appointments, and other digital options.

Even after the virus is no longer directly affecting day to day living, the conveniences we’ve come to enjoy will remain.

Marketing Prediction #3: Influencer Marketing is Shifting

It’s time for the little people to shine. Google anticipates that micro-influencers will have a larger voice in their communities. That’s because fewer people are feeling a connection with celebrities right now, and are gravitating toward those who are like them. Because micro-influencers will have the ability to connect more personally with their audiences, they ultimately will have a larger impact on buying and decision making.

At the same time, mega-influencers will struggle to keep up.

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