Even if seminars are already a part of your business growth strategy, you may wonder what makes one events and marketing portal different from another. Our industry-leading product, ProspectConnect, is unlike any other RSVP system. That’s because when we created it, we drew upon 25 years of seminar and responder data.  No other seminar company has this depth and breadth of experience.

We also listened to feedback and weighed suggestions from clients using our previous RSVP system. As a result, our events and marketing portal allows you to easily view seminar and workshop details, no matter how many seminars you’re managing at any given time. Clients tell us ProspectConnect is an invaluable tool throughout the event life cycle.

Events and marketing portal

A digital hub from which you can view, analyze and act on demographic information about your prospects and attendees – and much more – ProspectConnect events and marketing portal lets you access responder data at your convenience, with just a few mouse clicks.

Its features include:

  • Real-time notifications of your event responders
  • Data storage from all events for reports and reference
  • Instant access to responders’ income and IPA ranges
  • Zillow Zestimates of their residences
  • Clickable Google icon with event directions you can cut and paste to easily email to your responders

Product updates

As a result of recent upgrades, ProspectConnect marketing portal is simpler to navigate than ever. And it now generates text message reminders sent to registrants three days before the seminar and the day of the seminar. Your customers must opt in to receive these messages, and they can opt out at any time. Even more enhancements to our events and marketing portal are scheduled for 2020.

Interested in learning how ProspectConnect works with seminars and workshops and schedule a demo, or learn how others are growing their businesses using seminars? Call us at 1-888-409-1354 or email us at [email protected].