The Must-Have Ingredient for 2021 – Agile Marketing

Feb 23, 2021 | Marketing

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What a year this has been. Unexpected events have turned companies on their heads, and businesses worldwide are trying to figure out how to adjust. This week’s Think with Google article, “Agility is a Superpower that Goes Beyond Digital Transformation,” points out that an agile marketing team is what organizations need in 2021.

Agile Marketing is Crucial for Success

The economy and markets are rapidly changing, and one thing’s for sure – the changes will continue to happen. Most people understand that what was normal will never wholly return. Our experiences of the past year have altered the way we work and how consumers buy.

Agility isn’t easy, but for businesses to thrive, they will have to embrace the challenges.

Review All Angles

Shifting is necessary, but where? Marketing teams will need to decide how best to showcase their services and products to a new and unique audience. Is the audience looking for new topics for blogs? Different conversations on social? Are they connecting with prospective consumers in the same way or through the same platform?

These transformations must be done with consumers in mind. Companies that structure their organizations and orient their service lines to engage with and impress their audiences are the ones that will come out on top.

Being prepared for the future and being willing to adjust are paramount. What did your company learn from the last year that has been successful? What adjustments or pivots increase consumer interest or sales? Everyone should have a list of business lessons we learned from marketing during a pandemic.

Visit Think with Google to read the entire article: Agility is a Superpower That Goes Beyond Digital Transformation.

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