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Quentin S. Bardo, Senior National Marketing Consultant

Part of the Leading Response team since 2012, Quentin has helped hundreds of Financial Professionals and Elective Medical Practices get in front of their ideal prospective client. His enthusiasm and attention to detail are shown by building a relationship with his clients and becoming an extended team member in their practice. A Tampa, FL native, he enjoys outdoor activities, theme parks, soccer, and spending time with his 9-year-old son.

Jennifer Ward | National Marketing Consultant, Financial

Jennifer is a marketing consultant with over 21+ years’ experience in the industry. She began in 2001 with Express Mail Marketing (formerly Direct Promotions) and has sharpened her skills and continued to master her craft along the years. Jennifer assists her financial advisor clients not only through consultation, but also through top-notch customer service.

Scott Brewer | National Sales Consultant

Scott Brewer brings over 15 years of experience with LeadingResponse. He has experience in graphic design, art production, all aspects of printing, customer service management, and specializes in sales and marketing. Originally from upstate NY, Scott now resides in Tampa with his wife of almost 30 years, Monica. They have two grown children, Austin and Madison, and a cocker spaniel named Charlotte.

Scott Kasprzyk | Business Development Manager, Financial

Scott Kasprzyk is a Business Development Manager & Marketing Consultant with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. Specifically, in sales & marketing as well as other areas of practice development. Scott helps financial professionals and financial organizations maximize their client acquisition efforts using proven lead generation solutions, based on consumer behavior analytics.

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Webinars. Dinner Seminars. Social media. Direct mail. LeadingResponse has over 25 years of performance marketing experience. We have the industry knowledge and expertise to get qualified prospective clients in front of you. Ready to learn more? We’ve included additional information on our multichannel marketing solutions, tips and tricks, case studies, and handbooks below for download.

Now Is the Time to Grow Your Financial Practice for Tomorrow.

Using hyper-targeting, merging traditional and digital marketing solutions, and applying over 25 years of expertise, our team can put you in front of the right prospect, at the right time. And we can do it consistently. Our programs are proven to produce more qualified appointments than online, broadcast, or social media advertising alone. Let our experience work for you.