Marketing, marketing, marketing. That is a word that continues to ingratiate itself within every industry and business sector. Why? Because it is vitally important to the growth of one’s business. No matter in which profession you work, the financial advisor marketing strategies you implement today will have a huge and positive impact on your book of business tomorrow.

Financial advisor marketing ideas are vast and varied. As much as you may enjoy your business, however, are you equally enthusiastic about marketing it? If not, it is probably because you are not quite sure as to how you should market your financial advisor business.

Here are a few insightful tips to get you started on your financial advisor marketing strategies.

Know your target audience.

Can you perfectly describe your ideal candidate? Are you familiar with your clients’ demographics as well as how they think? (That is referred to as psychographics if you want to get fancy and all!) You cannot just say you market your services to everyone. That just simply is not the case.

Specializing is where you will find your niche riches. Do you focus on retirees, divorcees, widows, or high-level executives, for example? Know your specialty and then level up your content game (think: social media here) to engage prospects who are seeking what you have to offer. You will discover your niche market by the ones who reach out and engage with you.

Know the motivations of your clients.

To do this, you have to know where each client is coming from and what their financial goals are. Sure, they are interested in having money for the future but most important, they are interested in the reasons why they want that money. While some clients will be upfront and tell you specifically what their investment goals are, others are less clear. As such, you need to do the guiding through the questions you ask of them: What are your goals through investing? What does money do for you? How deep do you want to be involved within the investing process?

Care enough to send your very best.

Remember Hallmark Cards? Now is the time to invest in some good old-fashioned greeting cards. Send thank-you notes and birthday cards to current clients. Take it a step further and send out cards on major holidays. Be sure to include a thoughtful, handwritten note in each card. Although such a small act, it pays off in spades when it comes to keeping your financial advisory business at top of mind. The results? More referrals from happy clients will be knocking on your door.

Take to the stage.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to local organizations and ask to speak at one of their events or meetings. These could include churches, charities, special interest groups, networking events, and more. Remember, however, that you are not there to sell your financial services. You are there to provide free and educational content as a financial advisor. Because you have been given the opportunity to speak to a specific group, your name and your firm will be seen as credible and will therefore generate more inquiries from prospects who are interested.

Dare to be different.

You can host a webinar or educational event or you can sponsor a golf clinic at a local golf course, host a movie night as a client appreciation event at a local theater, or partner with a charity for a specific event. Consider hosting a holiday party and ask your guests to bring a gift to donate to that particular charity. The idea is to think outside the box with financial advisor marketing ideas and align yourself with different events and ideas to focus on your clients’ outside interests while at the same time opening the door to provide them free and informative content that can help your conversion rates.

The list of financial advisor marketing ideas goes on and on, but you can sense where we are headed here. In today’s digital world, there are so many exciting options from which to choose to market your financial advisory business. The best part? Financial advisor marketing can be so much fun, too, that you might find yourself doing it on a regular basis. The results may just leave you pleasantly surprised! For some more insightful financial advisor marketing ideas, look no further.