Today it is not uncommon to see financial advisors shy away from in-person meetings and live events. Perhaps even abandoning the practice of these services completely. There have been many changes in how the world works since the start of this pandemic. You can see these changes in the ways people eat, shop, and interact at a social level. And this needs to be represented in your financial advisor marketing strategy. 

However, due to more recent liftings of restrictions throughout the nation, people are warming up to the prospect of in-person interaction. Live events are due to come back in a big way. Financial advisors can take advantage of these trends to get ahead of the curve.

Why hop on the live events trend?

The notion to begin building up a live event marketing strategy can be attributed to the world shifting toward normalcy. We must understand that going back to the world as we knew it is not possible.

As Sherrif Karamat, CEO of the PCMA says in his June 1st article, “One silver lining to this horrific pandemic: We will no longer take for granted the opportunities that can only be realized by bringing people together physically.”

This quote is a big takeaway regarding your financial business. It is important to maintain a strong presence with online marketing efforts. Elevated levels of trust and personability are achieved through a live event focus. In-person dinner seminars build more confidence between you and potential clients. More so than meeting through digital means in most cases.

How does LeadingResponse stand out?

While live events are slowly creeping back into the forefront of business operations, it is vital to maintain good habits built over this pandemic. To get the best overall bang for your buck, it is smart to consider a multichannel marketing approach for your business. LeadingResponse is the perfect choice for that holistic approach.

LeadingResponse marketing solutions, such as webinars and one-to-one appointments, are viable offerings that encourage a hybrid approach. Combining solutions can increase your ROI and speed up the growth of your financial business. According to Global DMC Partners, “Nearly three-quarters of planners are moving their face-to-face events to hybrid in 2021.” As a result, this can help you increase lead generation.

If you would like to find out how to improve lead generation or start planning multichannel campaigns for your financial business, make sure to reach out to our expert marketing consultants at (888) 907-3971 or sign up for a consultation. With live events coming back in full swing you don’t wait to book your specialized seminars now.