3 Things Law Firms Should Know About Finding Clients

Oct 4, 2020 | Legal

Whether you go to work for a large firm or a boutique practice or hang your shingle as a solo attorney, clients are the fuel to propel your career forward.

Even when we’re not in the midst of a pandemic, finding clients for lawyers takes time. If you keep the following three things in mind as you’re prospecting, you’ll be well on your way to building a rock-solid book of business.

Anyone (and everyone) is a prospective client

On any given day, you will encounter all sorts of people. Perhaps it’s when you’re at the local courthouse for a case; or attending a networking luncheon or cocktail hour event. It could be when you’re picking up dry cleaning and shopping for groceries, or hanging out with loved ones or friends.

All these scenarios present an opportunity to make connections and find clients as a lawyer. Do those close to you know what you do? What about your acquaintances? If the answer is no, tell them! If one of your contacts knows someone who could benefit from legal assistance, you will be whom they think of.

Form relationships with other professionals

What do you have in common with people in other fields, such as accounting, real estate, financial services, and insurance? Everyone is continually looking for new customers.

By developing a referral network to find clients, you can help each other thrive. For example, if your real estate agent or retirement planner has a client seeking legal representation, they refer them to you. Later, when one of your clients tells you they want to buy or sell a home and doesn’t know a broker; or confides in you they could use some guidance choosing a Medicare plan, you return the favor.

These are so-called “warm” leads, which are much more likely to convert into clients than if you reached out to them blindly.

Digital lead generation is a must

Business is conducted via the internet more than ever due to COVID-19. However, enterprising attorneys started using digital channels to find clients years ago.

Today, many law firms, large and small, have turned to online marketing to promote their services, generate leads, and boost revenue. Digital marketing is less expensive than traditional advertising methods, which include TV commercials, billboards, and cold calls.

The American Bar Association has identified email as the most popular digital channel for law firms, regardless of size. An ABA survey found that 40% of attorneys use it.

What about your website? Can visitors find answers to questions and solutions to problems? If not, you’re missing the opportunity to draw their interest and capture their contact information.

Make the change now

Like all businesses, law firms and solo attorneys need new clients to grow and sustain their practices. To find clients, keep an open mind about who has client potential, make as many contacts as you can, and join – or create – a referral network.

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