Disability Lawyer Search Trends: Are Your Ads Missing Your Audience?

Apr 30, 2018 | Legal

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According to Google Trends, “disability lawyer” searches are on the upswing after dropping significantly from October 2017 to February 2018. If you’re looking for Social Security disability leads, we rank the highest and lowest interest-level states below. We’ll also list some search trends involving terms specifically related to Social Security disability law.

Top Five Google Search Terms Related to “Disability Lawyer”

If you’re bidding on search terms for disability leads, knowing what words people use to find lawyers online is crucial. Whenever your firm chooses sub-optimal terms, the people your marketing efforts target might not see those PPC/CPC ads. Also, make sure you include these specific terms on your website for the best possible SEO results. First, let’s review the top five related search terms:

  • Social Security disability lawyer
  • Lawyer for disability
  • Social Security disability
  • Social Security
  • Disability lawyers

Least-Searched Terms Related to “Disability Lawyer”

Next, the least-relevant queries surrounding this specific search term are:

  • Long term disability lawyer
  • Social Security disability lawyer near me
  • Veterans disability lawyer
  • Free disability lawyer near me

The Top 5 Highest and Lowest Interest States for “Disability Lawyer” Searches

The states with the highest search volume for “disability lawyer” during the past year are, in order:

  1. Arkansas
  2. South Carolina
  3. Kansas
  4. Alabama
  5. Missouri

Because disability lawyer interest ranks highest across these five states, be sure your website lists any practice offices located there.

And finally, there are 21 states that didn’t have any interest in this search term at all. States with no current interest include regions in the West, Midwest and Northeast: think Montana, Idaho, Minnesota, Vermont and Maine.

Related Search Topics & Queries Can Improve Your Online Marketing Strategy

Knowing which Google search terms to bid on for targeting disability leads can make a big difference. Google Trends tracks the most popular search queries based on a scale up to 100 and can give you additional insights to better target Social Security disability leads online. For example, searches for “Social Security disability attorney” are currently on the rise, with interest going up 50%. We also suggest reviewing all related topics for your firm’s most frequently used PPC/CPC search terms in Google Trends. Topics related to disability lawyer searches that have had a significant recent increase in volume include:

  1. Post-traumatic stress disorder
  2. Medicaid
  3. Dismissal

Still, the term “disability lawyer” enjoys consistently higher interest over time compared with the terms “Social Security disability lawyer” or “disability lawyer near me.”

“Free” Appears Twice in Related Search Terms

Of course everyone likes free services. In fact, the word “free” appears twice in the top related queries for disability lawyer. The 10th related query shown is “free disability lawyer,” while “free disability lawyer near me” appears 14th on Google’s list. This indicates disability leads search for lawyers offering either free consultations or contingency-based representation to handle their cases. So how can you work this knowledge to your firm’s advantage? Try mentioning “free Social Security disability consultations available for new clients upon request” on your firm’s website.

Time-Saving Digital Lead Gen Tips

Don’t have a dedicated staff to support lead generation through PPC/CPC? Keep your marketing team focused on nurturing leads and get disability leads delivered on your terms. Outsource lead generation like today’s most competitive law firms. LeadingResponse delivers over one million pre-qualified leads to law firms annually that partner with us for their client acquisition needs.

We use well-established digital marketing channels (SEO, PPC/CPC, display ads, branded content and social media) to generate disability leads so you can focus on helping your clients. We screen disability leads to ensure every exclusive prospect we deliver in real time meets your firm’s superior quality standards.

In addition, we offer the following optional services to help streamline lead intake and convert more prospects into signed clients:

  • Free, yet completely optional Lead Management System (LMS) software portal. You won’t need to download or install anything to use our LMS — you just need an internet connection and browser. The optional LMS lets you score lead quality, customize reports, track shipments and get eRetainers signed all in the same place.
  • U.S.-based call center agents available 24/7 to initiate contacts and handle live transfers. In fact, our highly trained agents can call prospects for you within the first five minutes. Our staff currently boasts a 70% or greater contact rate and can either handle all intake tasks or make live call transfers as needed.

Learn more about what LeadingResponse can do for your law firm and SSD lead availability in your area, contact us today.

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