What separates successful law firms from those struggling to retain clients and grow revenue each year? Well, it’s not magic — solid law firm marketing is what drives the strongest results. Many smaller firms and solo practices fail to attract new clients because their business development efforts aren’t effective. Bigger practices may waste time on the wrong activities, or over-spend on traditional law firm marketing (like TV and radio spots). If this sounds familiar, keep reading…

Law Firm Marketing Trends That Can Help Your Practice Grow in 2019

Leading law firms in varying sizes use several tactics to carve out space in today’s online marketplace. Here are five law firm marketing trends that can help yours stand out this year:

Law Firm Marketing Trend #1: Think Local & Mobile

Google local search is huge right now. That’s why the home page copy for your firm’s website should always mention your region, city, state, or province. To fully optimize this technique, include a map and list your full street address on your “Contact Us” page. As you work to improve your firm’s local SEO, you should also keep mobile-optimized web design in mind. Today, many more people use their smartphones or voice-activated “smart speakers” (like Alexa) to conduct online searches. That means optimizing for these voice-activated searches will boost your firm’s visibility locally online. But first, make sure your site loads fast and looks good for these mobile-only visitors. A mobile-friendly website will also rank higher in search results on traditional devices, like desktops and laptops.

Law Firm Marketing Trend #2: Take a More Targeted, Niche Approach

Targeted, niche marketing helps you in two ways: First, it distinguishes your firm or practice from your competitors online. And second, it gives you better visibility in search-engine results (i.e., showing up in the first 2-3 pages). If your firm specializes in SSD or VA claims, for example, make that prominently visible multiple places on your website. Consider including it in both your home page’s main body copy and a long-form blog post or FAQs page. Full-service firms promoting a “we do it all” message now look old-fashioned to younger prospects. Think niche, and position your practice as a both an expert and thought leader in your chosen practice areas or torts.

Law Firm Marketing Trend #3: Make Some Millennial-Friendly Changes

Millennials — that generation born between 1982 and 1995 — now comprise the largest potential client cohort in the U.S. So, it makes sense to address this particular group’s needs and habits to make your firm more user-friendly. The 2017 Clio report surveyed 2,915 legal professionals and found 19% of Millennials prefer to text or email their lawyers. That means fewer traditional meetings where you sit down with them face-to-face. Therefore, adding a few mobile communication options should help you sign additional younger retainers. If you choose a text or email service, mention that prominently in your online and off-line marketing messages. Firms specializing in auto accident or workers’ compensation claims may especially benefit from making some Millennial-friendly updates!

Law Firm Marketing Trend #4: Tout Your Success to Build Trust

Success metrics help cultivate trust with potential clients. That trust also encourages referrals, which law firms agree provide the best long-term growth opportunities. Savvy prospects look at numbers to gauge your past performance, so freely share your wins with others! These wins come in many different forms, like testimonials, case win rates and average claim resolution timelines. Find the metrics you’re most comfortable sharing and rotate them often to increase their impact.

Law Firm Marketing Trend #5: Outsource Your Client Acquisition Efforts

The 2017 Clio Legal Trends Report indicates that lawyers spend too much time on law firm marketing tasks. The report also found that attracting new clientele is a major concern for many firms. It’s such a problem, in fact, that many lawyers surveyed spent nearly one-third of their workdays on business development. That’s just too much time you’re missing out on spending with your clients!

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